Monday, March 6, 2017



Clatsop Community College, soil and water districts, rural  fire districts,Sunset Empire Transportation District. These are just a few of the many public Special Districts in Clatsop County that keep our communities working. You can help set policy and plans by serving as a special district board member.

Take part in a webinar for potential candidates on March 9:

Deadline for filing is THURSDAY, MARCH 16 for the May 16 special election. More information about board positions and elections is at the County Elections Office, 820 Exchange, Ste. 220, Astoria, and here.


The Astoria Community Group officially launched on Saturday, March 4 at the Fort George Showroom.  Matthew Keyser, one of the event’s organizers reports, “Thank you everyone who came out to our Astoria kickoff meeting! It was a packed house, I counted 95 people! This community is amazing. Lots of great ideas were talked about. Persist! Resist!” We heard moving stories from Matthew and the other organizers, Jessyka Dart-Mclean, Silke Ruschmann, and Tiffiny Mitchell. Others who spoke  about important causes were Robin Pear, Jeri Johnson, and Elizabeth Menetrey. Thanks also to organizer Denise Moore, who couldn’t attend Saturday.

It’s easy to work on activities and issues that mean something to you. Keep an eye out for news about upcoming Astoria CG events and actions!


Thanks to our Community Group (CG) leaders! They’re working with residents in Manzanita, Cannon Beach, Seaside/Gearhart, Warrenton, Astoria/East County,and the WA peninsula to find the most effective ways to work together to defend democracy! Share your ideas and enthusiasm at your next CG meeting. Talk with your CG leaders if you’d like to be a co-leader with them.

Thanks to everyone keeping an eye out for important news and information for INCO. Please continue to post on our Facebook page. We’ll do our best to include the most important items in these weekly emails, especially for those of you who don’t do FB.


Monday, March 6
6: 30 pm
INCO Seaside/Gearhart Community Group - Second Meeting

Westlake Chinese Restaurant & Lounge, 1480 South Roosevelt Drive, Seaside

Wednesday, March 8:  Postcard Party Open House
Write to the White House
6-8 pm

Clatsop Community College, Columbia Hall Room 219, Astoria
Enter accessible parking lot in back of the building from Lexington

Wednesday, March 8:

From the Women’s Strike press release:
“As feminists organizing in the US we are calling for an international women’s strike on March 8th. We stand in solidarity with women from over thirty countries who will be striking on that day. As our original statement indicates
( we come from many political traditions but are united in our rejection of the current racist and misogynist policies of Trump as well as the decades long neoliberal attacks on working people’s lives, which created the conditions for Trump. . . .

“1) Create a large women’s strike social coalition; 2) organize or participate in local marches, demonstrations and walkouts; 3) organize or participate in picket lines and direct actions of civil disobedience; 4) organize a strike in your workplace. If you have a union, get your union on board; if you don't, discuss with your coworkers what risks you are able to take and organize accordingly; 5) organize a boycott of companies using sexism in their advertisements or approach to workers; 6) organize a boycott of chosen local misogynists; 7) if you can, leave care and housework for the day and join your local demonstrations; 8) in case you can’t stop work, get your friends together who support the strike and wear or use the color red that day, for example, red clothes, or a red ribbon; 9) strike from gender roles.”

Thursday, March 9:  WEBINAR for potential candidates

Thursday, March 16:  Filing deadline for May 16 Clatsop County Special District election

Saturday, April 15: Town Hall with U.S. Representative Suzanne Bonamci

11 a.m., Warrenton High School gymnasium, 1700 S. Main St., Warrenton

Members of Congress (MoC) hear us loud and clear! Please contact your MoCs regularly - to say thanks, to urge action, or to share your opinion. Contact info is on the INCO blog,

If you don’t tell them, how will they know what you want?

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We’ve heard from many passersby that they were greatly cheered by seeing so many of us rallying in the wind and rain on Presidents Day and before the Wyden Town Hall.

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Encourage your like-minded friends to sign up for Indivisible North Coast Oregon through our blog,  They can also sign up directly here.  If you haven’t yet signed up for your local community group, it’s easy to do so here. Questions about INCO? Contact

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“The point is that a civil-society mobilization involves multitudes of groups and people forming a whole greater than the sum of its parts….”  -- Jonathan Rauch, The Atlantic

“We were born into the opportunity to be aware, to care, and to create meaning in action.”     --David Lee Myers, Astoria