Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Aligned with our goals, outcomes are stated in terms of actions. They are specific and measurable within a specific time period - in this case, by the end of 2017. We aim to be realistic but also don’t intend to beat ourselves up if we fall short. If deemed important, an unachieved outcome can be carried over into the next year or dropped.

We’ll ask CG leaders to report back on particular outcomes their CGs hope to address. We’ll also return to the general membership to recruit volunteers to address outcomes that require teams of volunteers to implement. A master spreadsheet will track commitments and progress toward our outcomes.

Together we can effect positive change!

GOAL: Stop the Trump agenda (authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption)
  1. Empower and encourage citizen involvement (individual contacts, townhall participation, and public affirmation of approval/dissent) that puts pressure on MoCs to stop the Trump agenda
    1. Provide agree/disagree signs at local townhalls
    2. Via a yearend survey, assess progress toward goal of at least 25% of members contact MoC at least once per week and at least 25% of members attending an in-person event with an MoC during 2017
    3. Through CGs, organize at least one postcard party per month
    4. Distribute at least 500 INCO postcards with MOC contacts and other INCO information to increase membership and engagement
    5. Encourage individual resistance action, even if it’s not through a formal INCO activity.
    6. Share and publicize stories of local people and the impact of Trump policies on their lives and how they resist
    7. At least once a month, host an activity that increases INCO visibility in our region
  2. Empower and encourage citizen involvement (rallies, marches, letters to the editor, etc) that demonstrates resistance to the Trump agenda of authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption
    1. Organize at least six INCO-related public events
    2. Mobilize membership in a letter-writing campaign that results in an average of two INCO-related letters to the editor submitted to local papers each week
    3. Through a team of volunteers, monitor activities and votes of MoCs, governor, and state legislators, with reports to the membership
    4. Through a team of volunteers, assess whether high school or other new CGs are feasible
  3. Promote the importance of truth and facts for individual and governmental decision-making
    1. Offer a series of media literacy workshops
    2. Host a speaker on media literacy whose appeal is broader than just our group
    3. Address this issue in contacts with MoCs and in letters to the editor and op-eds in hipfish and other media
    4. Through a team of volunteers, launch a public awareness campaign about assessing press and social media accuracy
  4. Ensure that resistance is sustainable
    1. Provide leadership training and support through monthly leadership team meetings
    2. In newsletters and through FB group, share signs of progress at local and national levels
    3. Through newsletters and FB groups, identify and celebrate tangible positive outcomes, i.e., 2017 Special District Elections as well as progressive policy victories at local and state level
    4. Through newsletters and FB groups, Identify and celebrate local and national progressive leaders and role models
    5. Support CGs in choosing feasible actions and assessing results
    6. Provide engaging and even light-hearted activities at times for boosting morale and sustaining the active resistance of members
GOAL: Defend democracy
  1. Oppose gerrymandering
    1. Through a team of volunteers, launch a public awareness campaign about the redistricting process in Oregon and how it relates to efforts involving redistricting at the national level.
  2. Voter registration drives
    1. Through CGs, organize at least three voter registration drives
  3. Get out the vote
    1. Launch a social media Get Out the Vote effort for the May 2017 local elections
    2. Through a team of volunteers, assemble and distribute among INCO members a document listing candidates who ascribe to INCO goals
  4. Educate and encouragement for citizen involvement from the precinct level up
    1. Host a forum “So You Want to Run for Office?”
  5. Demand truth and transparency in government
    1. Address this issue in contacts with MoCs and in letters to the editor and op-eds in hipfish and other media
    2. Form a Truth and Transparency watchdog team of volunteers to alert members to potential problems that need to be brought to light, with suggested actions.
  6. Reappropriate symbols and tenets of democracy
    1. Brand with graphics that include an image of Lincoln
    2. Using donated funds, order and distribute at least 200 flag pins, INCO buttons, and flags among members
    3. Using donated funds, print and distribute at least 200 “Our Flag” window signs among members
    4. In at least two communities, stage INCO public awareness campaigns around holidays that align with democratic ideals: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day.
GOAL: Model and promote progressive values (inclusion, fairness, education, fact-based policies)

  1. Partner with like-minded groups toward common goals
    1. Each CG invites at least one representative from a like-minded group to speak at a CG meeting
    2. Partner with at least one like-minded group in hosting at least one INCO public event
  2. Encourage political engagement on behalf of candidates who oppose the Trump agenda, defend democracy, and promote progressive values
    1. Through a team of volunteers, monitor attempts to unseat Oregon elected officials who ascribe to INCO goals, with reports and action items to membership
    2. Through a team of volunteers, share information with members regarding how they can support nationwide efforts of groups such as Flippable and Sister District that are working to unseat elected officials aligned with the Trump agenda.
    3. Through a team of volunteers, launch an “adopt-a-district” effort in which each CG offers assistance to either OR-3 or WA-3 in unseating MoCs aligned with the Trump agenda
  3. Expand INCO membership to reflect the demographics of our region
    1. Assemble a team of volunteers to identify what demographic measures we will use (religion, gender/gender identity, age, economic status, education, Clatsop native, skin color, ethnic background, political party, etc.)
    2. Through this same team of volunteers, assess the ways in which member demographics fail to align with regional demographics and to recommend measures to remedy the situation.