Friday, March 3, 2017

ACTION: March 8 Strike for Gender Justice



As feminists organizing in the US we are calling for an international women’s strike on March 8th.  We stand in solidarity with women from over thirty countries who will be striking on that day.  As our original statement indicates
( we come from many political traditions but are united in our rejection of the current racist and misogynist policies of Trump as well as the decades long neoliberal attacks on working people’s lives, which created the conditions for Trump. 
We believe that lean-in feminism is entirely inadequate to solve the problems of the vast majority of us.  Instead, we believe that the solution lies in grassroots organizing and the politics of solidarity across our various movements.  This is why we are going on strike on March 8th and we are asking you to as well.  
What is a strike? Women have long known that all work does not happen at the workplace, but also at home and in the many ways we serve others. In today’s precarious economy, most of us work without the protection of unions. Here are some ways we plan to strike, and we encourage others to do the same:

1) Create a large women’s strike social coalition; 2) organize or participate in local marches, demonstrations and walkouts; 3) organize or participate in picket lines and direct actions of civil disobedience; 4) organize a strike in your workplace. If you have a union, get your union on board; if you don't, discuss with your coworkers what risks you are able to take and organize accordingly; 5) organize a boycott of companies using sexism in their advertisements or approach to workers; 6) organize a boycott of chosen local misogynists; 7) if you can, leave care and housework for the day and join your local demonstrations; 8) in case you can’t stop work, get your friends together who support the strike and wear or use the color red that day, for example, red clothes, or a red ribbon; 9) strike from gender roles.
At this moment there are plans in place to have rallies and demonstrations in NYC, Chicago, LA, and several university campuses.
We have received several endorsements from grass root organizations and labor unions and the list of endorsements is steadily growing (see here: We are also cooperating with the Women’s March, which has decided to call for A Day Without A Woman in solidarity with the International Women’s Strike.
The tyrannies we experience—low wages, violence, racism, xenophobia—are wrapped up in global chains of trade and militarism. There has never been a more important time to unite with women fighting the same fights in many nations. And there has never been a more important time to learn from one another. As the last year has shown, women stand at the forefront of today’s struggles. Luckily, we don’t stand alone.
Attached are our platform and a list of many ways to strike on March 8th. You can find more information on the national organizers on our website at  
Please contact Sarah Leonard, Cinzia Arruzza or Tithi Bhattacharya at for further details and visit our website: