Monday, March 6, 2017

ACTION: Oregon State Legislature

From the OR-3 Sister District Project:

ACTION: Call your state legislators, and don't sign this initiative! This comes from the folks at OR-3 Sister District: Find your state representative and senator. Add their information to your email and phone contacts.

Use Find Your District & Legislators feature

SB683: Postage paid for ballots. This has a new bill number than what we mentioned at the meeting! Call your state senator and let him/her know you support this bill. It is on the agenda in the Senate Rules Committee meeting Monday at 1pm. You can watch live here.

HB2731: National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Currently in House Committee on Rules and not on the agenda. Tell your representative you support this bill!

Initiative Petition 5: This would require all Oregon voters to reregister with proof of citizenship. Learn more from Willamette Week and decline to sign!