Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bonamici Bulletin April 28 2017

As we approach the 100th day of the Trump administration, I continue to be deeply troubled by the President's erratic behavior on critical national security issues and his broken promises on jobs and the economy. Together with many of my colleagues, I'm fighting back against his harmful agenda. The thousands of calls, letters, and emails I have received from constituents are an encouraging sign that you're fully engaged in our democracy and making your voices heard. Keep it up! Another bright spot is that the House and Senate passed my legislation to help protect coastal communities from tsunami, and the bill was signed into law recently.
Here's more news on what I've been working on this month:
Meeting with Oregonians 
Town hall meetings are an important part of my job because they give me an opportunity to hear directly from the people I represent about what matters most. This spring I've held five town hall meetings, and I have one more soon. We've discussed protecting access to affordable health care, supporting public education, and concerns about President Trump's approach to Syria and North Korea. In McMinnvilleHillsboroWarrenton,Scappoose, and Sherwood, there were about three times as many attendees as in the past, and many people were attending a town hall meeting for the first time. If you haven't been able to attend one of these meetings yet, there's one more this season: at 11 am on Sunday May 7, at the Lincoln High School gym in Portland. I hope to see you there. The valuable thoughts and concerns I've heard from Oregonians inform the work I do – so thank you!
Standing Up for Science 
Science improves our lives every day through weather forecasts, medical research, technological innovations and much more. Oregon is home to a world-class research facility, OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center, that is studying the ocean and producing valuable research. Visiting Hatfield, I saw many more examples of how federal investment in science reaps benefits for families and communities. I marched at the Science March in Portland last weekend to show support for science and to show opposition to President Trump's proposed budget cuts to research for science, climate, and medicine. I also oppose efforts in Congress to have politicians micromanage scientists and research. As the top Democrat on the Science Committee's Environment Subcommittee, I'll keep fighting for research funding and standing up for science.
Making Sure Everyone Can Age with Dignity 
Everyone should be able to retire with financial security and age with dignity. One of my priorities in Congress is making sure that older Americans have the support and services they need to live healthy, fulfilling, and independent lives. Last year I was proud to take a lead role in helping Congress pass an update to the Older Americans Act. For more than 50 years, programs under the Older Americans Act have delivered nutritional and social services to millions of seniors across the country. Right here in Oregon, the Tualatin Aging Task Force is leading the way on these issues and modelling what engaged citizens can accomplish by working together. I enjoyed meeting with Task Force members to talk about their many contributions to the community and our shared priorities.
Growing Our Economy 
In April I had the opportunity to talk with owners of large and small businesses about their needs and how they are creating new jobs and growing. Congressman Earl Blumenauer and I held a great discussion with some of Oregon's outdoor retailersabout policies that support a creative, innovative workforce in Oregon. I helped flip the switch on one of Portland's largest solar installations at Montgomery Park, which will produce enoughclean solar energy to power 92 households annually. It was inspiring to hear from the women business owners behind some of Portland's renowned restaurants and to learn more about the challenges they face and opportunities they see as small business owners. On the Education and the Workforce committee, I'll continue to work for policies that increase opportunities for entrepreneurs, support innovative businesses, prepare our workforce, and help grow our economy.
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