Monday, April 24, 2017

INCO Newsletter April 24

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Tiffiny Mitchell questions Representative Bonamici about the health insurance industry during the April 15 Town Hall. Tiffiny is a co-leader of the Astoria Community Group.
Tuesday, April 25 - Last day to register to vote in Clatsop County’s May 16 election. Positions include commissioners for Port of Astoria, Clatsop Community College, Clatsop Care Health District, and school boards. Register online here. 

Saturday, April 29 - Save Our Beaches Climate Change Awareness Campaign,3-5 pm, at the turnaround on the Prom in Seaside. hosted by Seaside/Gearhart CG.

APRIL & MAY - Art of Resistance, KALA, 1017 Marine Drive, Astoria
Wednesday, May 3 - AAUW Candidates Forum, 7 pm, Clatsop Community College, Columbia Hall 219, Astoria
Q&A from the audience for Clatsop County's May 16 Special District election 
Accessible parking in back of Columbia Hall, enter from Lexington Avenue
Check out candidate statements for key positions at Vote the Future.

Thursday, May 11, Seaside/Gearhart Community Group meeting, 6:30 - 8 pm, Seaside Public Library Community Room

Tuesday, May 16 - Ballots for Clatsop County election due by 8 pm. Postmarks don't count.

Thursday, May 18 - ACLU Community Forum, 5:30 pm, at the Performing Arts Center, Astoria; hosted by Pacific Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and INCO. Reservations required to the ACLU: call 503-552-2108, or scroll down to register online here.


Good candidates need your help in the May 16 election. The Port of Astoria, the college, and the health care district serve all of Clatsop County. Campaign volunteers are needed to reach voters throughout the county.  Lauren Scheiderman and Jacob Van Buskirk  are experienced campaign leaders with the skills and tools for effective, enjoyable campaigning. Contact Jacob here or at 253-861-8095. Contact Lauren here to help with campaign for Port of Astoria candidates.

Check out VOTE THE FUTURE to learn about local candidates who support INCO's principles.


Daily action is easy. Each weekday, we pin suggested actions at the top of the INCO website and Facebook page. New to Facebook? Search for "Indivisible North Coast Oregon" and ask to join our group of 663 and counting.

To access handy apps like 5Calls and Daily Action, check the Action Resources sidebar at our website.

Pictures change the world. Share your action photos to Indivisible North Coast Oregon on Facebook - in the discussion box that says "write something," click "add photo/video."
Interested in an INCO book club? A suggested reading list? Online discussion? In-person meetups?  What would you like? Click here before Tuesday, April 25.
Kathi Merritt, Meridee Faber, and McLaren Innes are ready for the voter registration drive hosted by the Warrenton Community Group on April 15 at Warrenton High School.


Astoria Community Group (CG)
Monica Pearson, Sue Zerangue, Carolyn Eady, Carol Newman, Joan Herman, and Renee Rowe led the Earth Day Celebration of Science outside the Astoria Post Office on April 22.  

Alison Coffinberger, Jackie Nichols, Monica Pearson,, Nancy Montgomery, Sigrid Wood, Silke Ruschmann, and Tiffiny Mitchell handed out “I Agree” and “I Disagree” signs and the new INCO info cards to attendees at Representative Bonamici’s Town Hall on April 15 in Warrenton.

The Expand the Base Outcome Team is challenging everyone to bring in 30 people under 30 years old into Indivisible or some other activist/progressive organization. They challenge each person in INCO Astoria to bring someone under 30 to the next meeting. 

Cannon Beach Community Group (CG)
The Cannon Beach and Manzanita Indivisible groups have joined forces. They are planning a new name that is more inclusive (like Indivisible Upper Left Coast - or something - suggestions welcome!)  Ann Fontaine puts together a weekly newsletter for the CG.
The EPA, Paris agreement, coastal environment and the slashing of funding in the President's budget were the focus of the CG’s table at the April 22 street fair at the 12 Days of Earth Day in Cannon Beach. 
Seaside/Gearhart Community Group (CG)
The CG has been planning their Save Our Beaches Climate Change Awareness Campaign for Climate Day, April 29. Meet at the Turnaround on the Prom at the west end of Broadway in Seaside - 3 - 5 pm. Group members challenged themselves with making at least one call a week and bringing at least one new person to the May 11 meeting.
Warrenton Community Group (CG)
Meridee Faber, Carmen Hammersmith, Kathi Merritt, McLaren Innes, and others were ready for hordes of new voters at the Warrenton voter registration drive at Representative Bonamici’s Town Hall on April 15 at Warrenton High School. They were a colorful and welcoming presence, as was a banner made by Carolyn Vena. Members decided to postpone their planned Immigrant Event. 
Washington Peninsula Community Group (CG)
Eighty peninsula and area citizens heard nine speakers express views on important topics like education, law enforcement, budget restraints, immigration, social justice, infrastructure issues and more.  Special kudos to Jill, Michele, Carole and Karen for providing supporting documents, props, and a six-foot plywood likeness of Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. And thanks to Fred Carter for providing pre-program music for the gathering. It was our first effort to assemble concerned citizens in a town-hall format.  Perhaps we can create another town hall gathering a few months from now.

Your Community Group (CG)
Create the projects and events you want with your Community Group (CG).  Check the INCO Calendar in this email to see current CG activities. Our CGs are in Astoria/East County, Cannon Beach/Manzanita, Seaside/Gearhart, Warrenton, and the Washington Peninsula. 
If you’re not yet connected with the Community Group where you live, contact INCO or sign up for one at the Indivisible North Coast Oregon website.


We encourage you to use the many resources on our INCO website. Be inspired. Take action. 

Are your friends wondering how to Resist and Persist?  Send them to our blog to find out more about INCO and to sign up with INCO. Everyone has a role to play in defending democracy!
“It takes decades, centuries, to develop ingrained norms of political restraint and self-control. But they can be undone in short order by a demagogue feeding a vengeful populism."       --Charles Krauthammer


Contact Deb and Laurie at, or find more information on our website and Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter @IndivisibleNCOR.  

Are your friends wondering how to Resist and Persist?  Send them to our blog to find out more about INCO and to sign up with INCO. Everyone has a role to play in defending democracy!