Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Member Spotlight | Kate Giese

What’s a highlight of your involvement so far?
I love the opportunity INCO has afforded to learn new skills—working with a blog and Facebook page in this instance. Joining up also represents a new social connection that’s at once stimulating and comforting. It’s a joy to be around so many like-minded people who’re bright, hard-working and very welcoming. I invariably come away from meetings and events with renewed energy and optimism.

What’s your vision for a better future?
Trump is soon relegated to history books
Diversity is welcomed
Immigration policies aren’t punitive or biased
There’s concern for our deteriorating environment
Making and keeping corporations accountable
Providing good access to jobs (and equal pay concerns), health care and education for all
Improving the current state of foreign relations
Ensuring the integrity of our elections
Taking both houses of Congress back in 2018 and the White House, in general, in 2020

What’s one book, quote, or action that you recommend to everyone who’ll listen?
I’ve always been partial to Eleanor Roosevelt’s comment, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Her words reflect how we, as individuals, can so easily get in our own way as we go through life.

What prompted you to get involved?
I’m not ashamed to admit it; I cried when Trump got elected. I’d walk around in a sort of daze, envisioning all kinds of nightmare scenarios. I had trouble sleeping and my stomach kept knotting. There was simply no way for me to look at the outcome of 2016 presidential election as anything other than a ghastly disaster for America. After a bit, I thought, “This is silly; it’s time to do what I can to make things better… time to take action and volunteer.”

Tell us a little about yourself and the ways you’re active with Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO).
I already knew a bit about INCO. Then I saw Deb Vanasse’ email looking for someone to maintain INCO’s Vote the Future page on Facebook and on their Indivisble North Oregon Coast blog. Communication—written and visual—is an area of interest (reflected in my work as a writer and graphic designer for assorted local publications and non-profits). With a bit of coaching up front, I felt I could help.

Until joining INCO, I’d volunteered (and continue to do so) for nearly a decade--helping cats and dogs at the Animal Shelter in Warrenton and helping promote the Astoria arts scene, e.g., the North Coast Chorale, Tempo Gallery and Astoria Performing Arts Center, mainly. I confess to shying away from politics; they tended to be so controversial and effecting real change seemed too elusive. But my INCO affiliation has changed all that. It’s become clear that there’s real power in grassroots organizing and speaking out—we can make a difference!