Monday, August 7, 2017

INCO Newsletter 8/7

Walk with INCO in the Astoria Regatta Land Parade!
Make Indivisible visible!
Saturday, August 12
Gather by 11 a.m. near 19th & Exchange - look for the INCO banner
The parade is from noon - 1ish, a slow-paced level 1-mile walk 
We invite all INCO members to walk with us.

No signs. Wear Red, White and Blue - or dress as a positive, iconic American Activist or an inspirational Historical Figure or Character!  More details on our Facebook page or at Bring a friend, a child, an American flag. . . . 
Resistance School 
How to Structure and Build Capacity for Action

Thursday, August 10, 6-8 pm
Seaside Library Community Room, 1131 Broadway
Lively discussion after the video training; potluck snacks welcome.
INCO yard signs, posters, and pins will be available.
From Indivisible Guide, our national resource. 
Recess is an opportunity to connect with your three Members of Congress (MoC) and for them to hear about what matters to you. Check for Town Halls in neighboring counties. Here are some suggested issues to write or talk to them about:
  • TrumpCare Accountability - Make sure that TrumpCare stays dead. Hold your MoCs accountable for voting for repeal, and make sure you thank your MoCs if they voted against it.
  • Tax Reform - The next legislative priority for Donald Trump and congressional Republicans is to give massive tax cuts to the rich, paid for on the backs of working families. Tell your MoCs that you won’t accept Trump’s tax scam.
  • Immigration - Trump continues his multi-pronged attack on immigrant families. There are ways that you can be an ally to immigrants, beginning with urging your MoCs to cosponsor these bills. 
  • Budget - Remember, Trump doesn’t decide what programs and agencies get funded, but Congress does. Make sure Congress is prioritizing you -- and not Donald Trump -- as they negotiate the budget.
  • Environment - We’ve partnered with Al Gore to bring attention to climate change. Here is a toolkit to help you get engaged locally.
  • Preventing Trump from firing Robert Mueller - We need to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t create a constitutional crisis by firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the person leading the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Here’s how you can make sure that doesn’t happen.
Check for details and new posts on our events page.

Thursday, August 10, Resistance School: How to Structure and Build Capacity for Action; 6 -8 pm, Seaside Library Community Room

Saturday, August 12 - Walk with INCO in Astoria's Regatta Land Parade; gather by 11 near 19th and Exchange - look for the INCO banner. Parade is from noon - 1 pm. More details on our Facebook page and at

Saturday, August 19 - Warrenton INCO Monthly Meeting, 11 a.m., Dooger's, Highway 101, in Warrenton

Thursday, August 24 - INCO Book Club, 6:30 pm, in Astoria. This month's book is Erich Fromm's “The Revolution of Hope: Toward a Humanized Technology."
 Contact Carolyn Eady at for information about location.

Tuesday, September 5 - Astoria INCO Monthly Meeting, 6:30 - 8 pm, location TBA

Thursday, September 14, 2017, Resistance School -  How to Sustain the Resistance Long-term, 6-8 pm, Seaside Library Community Room
Saturday, September 16 - Immigration 101, 1 pm, Columbian Theater, 11th & Marine Drive, Astoria; presented by Oregon's Rural Organizing Project and hosted by Astoria INCO.
"An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power or money or fame, but in fact is driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness, so much so that he or she is compelled by some internal moral engine to act to make it better."

 --Eve Ensler
Check out this exciting new program from Indivisible National. It's Indivisible 435a program with a bold progressive vision - plus the resources for us to expand the electorate and bring more people into the electoral process in every one of the nation’s 435 congressional districts. If you want to work on Indivisible 435 locally, contact Laurie at


OUR TEAM: Meet the enthusiastic INCO leaders who organize, coordinate, facilitate, and encourage us!  Find their profiles on our blog at Our Team.

Enjoy the praise in the New York Times for the invaluable work of INDIVISIBLE and Indivsiibles everywhere for defeating Trumpcare and protecting the ACA.

Enjoy the satisfaction of fighting the good fight as we defend democracy. Share your talent, wisdom, and patriotism working with INCO members. Get involved with your INCO Community Group today in Manzanita-Cannon Beach, Seaside, Warrenton, Astoria, Washington Peninsula.

Get your "In Our America" yard sign or poster at INCO meeetings and events and meetings. INCO pins and other items are also available. Contact or Laurie at 503-338-6508 for details.

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