Monday, August 7, 2017


Carolyn Eady (right) at INCO health care rally

Tell us a little about yourself and the ways you’re active with Indivisible North Coast Oregon.
I was born in Michigan. I always loved science so I majored in chemistry at the University of Detroit. My first job was at Parke-Davis Research. I got interested in computers, and from there my career just seemed to wander all over the place as opportunities opened up: multiple positions at University of Michigan Hospital, a graduate degree in Health Care Administration, and then head of Ambulatory Care. At that point, I headed West with an administrative position at St. Vincent Hospital, five years at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, then back to Oregon for good! 

While living in Jewell, I started doing a host of different volunteer work, which I continue to do until this day. I am a member of the Astoria group of Indivisible North Coast Oregon. Our Event Team has organized three rallies, including creating some neat signs for each of them. I have been active in starting up a book club. (Our second meeting is August 24th.) I am currently attending the Resistance School once a month in Seaside.

What prompted you to get involved? I think our society is facing very real threats to life as we have known it, both politically and also environmentally. Both of these challenges can be met if we have a grassroots movement by ordinary citizens to 'speak truth to power.' It is not a time to sit by passively and hope for the best.

What’s a highlight of your involvement so far? I discovered that this work takes time and effort, but it is also fun! Just standing on a curb, waving a sign and yelling at the passing cars. You also meet some very interesting people.

What’s your vision for a better future? My hope is that we will create a society in which we respect each other and don't let superficial differences among us interfere with our working together to defend and protect the fundamental rights which we all cherish.

What’s one book, quote, or action that you recommend to everyone who’ll listen? I have lots of favorite quotes, but I like this one I read recently: It is not the number of years in your life that is important, but the life in your years.