Monday, August 28, 2017


From Indivisible Guide, our national resource. 
Tell your Members of Congress to:

1. Stand Up for the rule of law by condemning Trump's pardon of Joe Arpaio. He's the former Arizona sheriff who boasted of defying court orders, profiling Hispanics, fabricating causes for arrests, treating prisoners inhumanely, and neglecting the actual law enforcement duties of his office. One attorney says this pardon shows Trump's 
"presidential contempt for the Constitution.” Read more here and here.

2. Stand Up for DACA youth by co-sponsoring legislation that provides permanent relief to childhood arrivals. Read more 

3. Denouce Trump's ban on transgender troops - an insult to all Americans, especially those who serve in the military.

4. Condemn Trump's increasing warlike talk and actions. He threatens war with North Korea, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and our trading partners. Google "Trump war talk" for more information.
The '5 calls' app is a convenient way to make those calls. The app provides phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy. Sign up here.  
"In Our America" was the spirit at Senator Ron Wyden's Town Halls in Seaside and Manzanita (left , with Deb Vanasse, INCO co-leader; Senator Wyden, and Laura Rochelois, of Indivisible OR-1,) on August 25th. Full houses at both events, with spot-on questions, concerns, and outrage about this administration. Full determination to stay vigilant and work together to defend our democracy.
VOTE THE FUTURE Organizing Team Meeting
Wednesday, August 30 • 6:30 pm
Near Sunset Beach

Prep for 2018 by encouraging others to vote and practicing proven strategies for voter persuasion. At this INCO Vote the Future team meeting, we'll organize around a central tenet of democracy - every vote counts!

This is a new team that welcomes everyone wanting to make positive change with INCO. Contact for location and directions.
We are indivisible! Some 40,000 people marched in Boston August 19th opposing the 100 white supremacists, Nazis, and KKK who claimed to be holding a "free speech" rally.  
Check for details and new posts on our events page.

Wednesday, August 30 - Vote the Future Team Organizing Meeting, 6:30 pm. Near Hwy 101 and Sunset Beach Road. Contact for location and directions.

Tuesday, September 5 - Astoria INCO Monthly Meeting, 6 pm - social & snacks; 6:30 - 8 pm - meeting. 3 Cups Coffee House, 279 West Marine Drive

Thursday, September 14, 2017, Resistance School -  How to Sustain the Resistance Long-term, 6-8 pm, Seaside Library Community Room, 1131 Broadway, Seaside
Saturday, September 16 - Immigration 101, 1 pm, Columbian Theater, 11th & Marine Drive, Astoria; presented by Oregon's Rural Organizing Project and hosted by Astoria INCO.

Saturday, September 23, Warrenton INCO monthly meeting, 11 a.m. Strategy session with Deb Vanasse. One-time venue change to accommodate everyone. Uptown Cafe meeting room, in Warrenton near Staples and Petco.

Tuesday, September 26 -  INCO Vote the Future Non-partisan Voter Registration Drive, 10 am - 2 pm, Towler Hall, 3rd floor Commons; part of National Voter Registration Day

Thursday, September 28 - INCO Book Club, 6:30 - 8 pm, member's home in Astoria. This month's book is NO IS NOT ENOUGH, by Naomi Klein. For location and more info, contact
Kate loves animals, graphic design, and parades. Read more about this INCO member who designed our Vote the Future banner here.
"(Charles) Stover believed — and his life proves — that it is possible to make a difference in the world without yelling. It is easy to get caught up in the shouting of politicians, or to want simply to walk away from it all. That is why it is more important than ever to listen to the stories of those around us."

- - Ariella Rosen, "A Whisper in an Age of Shouting"



What’s the Trump administration doing while Trump tweets and plays golf?  Read about regulations, legislation, and budget and staff cuts here
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INCO Weekly Newsletter   August 28, 2017