Thursday, August 17, 2017

CONFEDERATE FLAG: Neighbors Respond

Following a discussion in our Facebook group regarding a Confederate flag flown in our area, one of our INCO members wrote this to send to the property owners. She plans to include an American flag with the letter. Shared here with her permission, we offer it as a resource to those dealing with similar issues.

Dear Neighbor,

We hope this message finds you well.

We wanted to talk to you about the Confederate flag that you’ve been flying. There is something special about flying a flag. It must harken back to the days of our forefathers when flags sent messages of hope and determination, or distress, or ownership. A raised flag has spirit and when it catches the wind, it is that much stronger.

We can only assume that this particular flag means something special to you. Perhaps your family originates from a Southern state. Perhaps it signifies heritage or a never-give-up spirit. Perhaps it is just the Rebel Flag for you and touches on an inner rebel. Or your flying of the flag may say all that we would hope that it does not. We can’t be sure, but we can tell you that for many of your neighbors, this flag symbolizes the idea that white people are superior to people of color and that the person flying it would like to see a return to the days of slavery.

In recent days, our country has seen horrific violence. All of it based on ideas. As Americans, we know we do better. We are the UNITED States of America and we wish to live in harmony with our neighbors and all our fellow countrymen. This can only happen if we are able to appreciate and respect each human life as we would our own and the lives of those we love. We hope you will help keep our area safe and find ways to unite rather than divide.

We respectfully request that you remove the flag and perhaps fly one of unity, such as the American flag.


Your Neighbors