Thursday, March 8, 2018

Honoring and Protecting School Shooting Victims

Things to Do in Honor of the Parkland, FL Students and School Shooting Victims
Compiled and created by INCO Indivisibles Cheryl Conway and Bebe Michel

  ·      Wear orange in support of the school walkout on March 14.
·      Send a thank you to a teacher in your life.
·      Send a thank you to a first responder in your life.
·      Write a letter to the editor.
·      Give blood or, better yet, organize a blood donor event.
·      Meet up with friends to send 17 postcards or make 17 phone calls to legislators regarding some aspect of gun control.

·      Make eye contact with and say hello to at least 17 people who cross paths with you on a day of your choosing.

·      Donate $17 dollars to a non-profit that supports gun control such as
§  Everytown For Gun Safety
§   Hook Promise
§  Moms Demand Action
§  Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

·       Buy 17 students a lunch via the Feed the Children Fund, organized in honor of Philandro Castille, a police shooting victim, at .

·      Join Ceasefire Oregon, Their mission:
”Ceasefire Oregon works to prevent gun violence by advocating reasonable, effective gun laws. We educate the public and legislators about gun violence, lobby on behalf of bills that will help make our communities safer, and work to prevent the passage of bills that would make it easier for dangerous people to obtain and carry firearms.”

·      Attend a rally to support gun control legislation, especially the Rally For Our Lives on 3/24 in Astoria, noon - 1:30, at 8th and Commercial..

·       Buy a MSDSTONG shirt for a student or faculty member in the MSD (Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS) school district, .

·      Call VISA and MASTERCARD  and tell them block the sale of assault weapons purchased with their credit cards.  For more info go to
Here's who to call:
·       Seth Eisen, Mastercard Vice President of Communications: 914-249-3153
·       Nathaniel Sillin, Visa Senior Director of Public Affairs: 415-805-4892
PayPal and ApplePay have already blocked the use of their service to buy any guns. And we know credit card companies can do it too--they recently blocked users from buying Bitcoin using their cards.2
It's always best to speak in your own words, but here are some points to guide you:
Ø  Hi my name is _______ and I'm calling from __________. [Mention if you are a Visa or Mastercard customer.]
Ø  I'm calling to urge your company to stop helping arm mass shooters by blocking the purchase of assault weapons through your credit cards.
Ø  Assault weapons like the AR-15 were used to kill 17 people in Parkland, 58 in Las Vegas, 49 in Orlando, and 27 in Newtown including children as young as 6, and so many more.
Ø  If you can block the sale of Bitcoin, you can block the weapons of mass murderers.