Monday, May 29, 2017

KUDOS to the 34% of Clatsop County's registered voters who registered to vote in the May 16, 2017 Special Districts Election. Where were the other 66%? At a time when Russia is actively working to destabilize democracies and democratic institutions, we Americans are doing that without any help from outsiders. 

What can we do to improve voter turnout?
•  The county must prepare a hard-copy and online voter information booklet for every election. Otherwise, voters are voting in the dark, especially if they don't read the Daily Astorian regularly - or not voting at all.

•  Get active with local political parties.

•  Get active with Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO). One of our main goals is to encourage citizen participation in governance. Sign up here. 

•  Register others to vote. Forms available online and at the county Elections Office, 820 Exchange, 2nd floor, Astoria.

•  Attend City Council and County Commissioner meetings. Run for office. Recruit candidates to run. Support political campaigns for candidates and issues you endorse. 

•  Share your ideas with INCO. Vote the Future remains an active site for local and national elections.  How can we make this site more effective?