Thursday, May 11, 2017

16 Oregon Indivisible Groups Demand Independent Probe of Trump’s Ties to Russia

PORTLAND — Sixteen Indivisible groups from across Oregon are coming together to demand that Oregon’s members of Congress support an independent investigation into President Donald Trumps ties to Russia. Given the presidents abrupt and contradictory firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was probing the Trump-Russia connection, the only way to ensure that a thorough and unbiased investigation is carried out is through the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Sixteen Oregon Indivisible groups — Indivisible Oregon, Indivisible Columbia Gorge, ORD2 Indivisible, Rogue Indivisible, Indivisible Madras, Indivisible Bend, Indivisible Oregon District 1 (OR1), Indivisible Hillsboro-OR, Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO), Portland Indivisible Oregon D-3, Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX, One Small Thing PDX, Indivisible Eugene, Indivisible Clackamas, Indivisible Greater Tillamook, Indivisible Coos County— stand united in calling for members of Oregons congressional delegation to do the right thing and subvert a looming constitutional crisis.

"We need for our congressman, Greg Walden, to PLEASE put aside his party politics and do the right thing -- for the people of District 2, for Oregon, and for the future of our country. The Trump-Russia connection must be investigated and an independent prosecutor must be used. We want the truth, and Congress needs to help us find it." - Terrie Martin, ORD2 Indivisible

We urge Mr. Walden to insist on an independent investigation and a special prosecutor to investigate Trumps firing of FBI Director Comey, and to investigate Trumps ties to Russia. It appears that the two are intimately connected. We need to learn all the details of Comeys firing, why it happened and why now. And we have needed for many months a rigorous, thorough investigation of possible Russia ties within the Trump campaign and now the Trump administration. It is time for Walden to stop protecting a tyrannical and dangerous president and insist that the truth be exposed.- Thomas Keffner, Indivisible Columbia Gorge

President Trump has now fired, under various dubious pretexts, three separate high-ranking officials - Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, and James Comey - who were leading investigations of his and his close associatesties to Russia and Russia's interference in the 2016 election. The question of whether or not President Trump knew about this foreign interference by a largely hostile foreign power, what he knew, when he knew it, and whether or not he colluded with Russia for the sake of his and his associates' own political and/or personal self-interest is arguably the most crucial issue facing the United States government today. It is, without exaggeration, a Constitutional crisis of the first order. Thus far, our own Congressman, Representative Greg Walden, and the rest of the Republican leadership in Congress have refused to appoint a special prosecutor or pursue a truly rigorous, independent, non-partisan investigation. Instead, they have focused on identifying where information about the Trump administrationsinvolvement with Russia is coming from, and trying to intimidate or persecute those patriotic Americans who are trying to help the public learn the truth. This takes on more the appearance of a cover-up than an investigation. It is past time for Congressman Walden and the rest of the GOP leadership to put country ahead of party and appoint a fully independent special prosecutor. The future of our democracy and our citizensability to trust in the very foundation of our governments integrity are at stake.- David Smith, Rogue Indivisible

"Republicans, specifically Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon, must step up and join Democrats in demanding an independent investigation of links between Trump's campaign and Russia. Put our nation's democracy above party politics. Your loyalty is to the United States and the people who elected you - not the Republican party," - Michele LaBounty, leader of Indivisible Madras.

If this president and his campaign had no inappropriate relations with Russia, and if Director Comey was not fired in part because of his independent investigation into these potential inappropriate relations, then a special prosecutor should be applauded by all sides to definitively and swiftly demonstrate that we hold our sovereign Democracy in the highest regard. Because of concerning Presidential decisions and polarizing partisan wrangling the checks and balances that would result from an independent investigation is essential to safeguarding against potential overreaches of power from the executive branch and ensuring that all Americans believe in the integrity of our system.-Krista Anderson (Baker City, Eastern Oregon) ORD2

Make no mistake, our nation is at a crossroads and the only way forward is for every member of the Oregon congressional delegation to join with other responsible legislative voices and demand the appointment of a special and independent prosecutor to thoroughly and exhaustively investigate the potential links between the administration and Russia. The very legitimacy of the office of the president hangs in the balance.-Lin Woodrich, Event Team Coordinator and a founding member of Indivisible Eugene.

"We applaud Senators Wyden and Merkley as well as Congresswoman Bonamici (OR-1) as they continue to press for investigations into Russian campaign meddling and the Trump campaign's potential involvement. In the wake of Trump's firing of James Comey, we also ask that they refuse any and all legislative action until an independent investigation is authorized. Faced with a crisis that threatens our democracy, all of Congress must put country before politics.” -Deb Vanasse, co-leader of Indivisible North Coast Oregon. 

We fully support our Oregon Senators Wyden and Merkley for repeatedly calling for an independent investigation into Trump's ties to Russia and call on Republican Senators to do the same. We simply cannot allow the president to abuse his powers to fire anyone who investigates him and his associates. Americans deserve to know the truth and in the name of justice, freedom, and liberty, we refuse to sit silently while the president of our great nation tries to obscure the truth.-Hilary Uhlig, Indivisible Hillsboro-OR

“It is vital to our democracy that there is an independent investigation into Trump's ties with Russia. This is not a partisan issue.” -Ali King, President and Co-founder, Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX

Indivisible Oregon supports the resistance to the Trump agenda in Oregon. Through grassroots advocacy, they encourage members to engage their own Members of US Congress. Indivisible Oregon is part of a national movement that is implementing the strategy outlined at