Saturday, March 21, 2020


As we practice social distancing, all of us who remain healthy can help ourselves and others by taking a moment to breathe deep and appreciate the love and joy we share, if remotely. Toward that end, we’re scheduling posts that uplift, guide, and unite us in these difficult times.

This comes from Stephen Dinan at The Shift Network:

"An imperative for a positive outlook moving forward is that you need to optimize your own psychological and physical health to boost your immunity and your resilience. You want to enter this window as strong as possible. The most basic recommendations for self-care:

1.     Sleep at least eight hours every night.
2.     Get regular exercise, preferably outdoors.
3.     Eat a balanced and healthy diet.
4.     Meditate or pray daily to focus your mind and uplift your consciousness. Double down on your spiritual practices.
5.     Work with fears as they arise but don’t let them overwhelm you.
6.     Focus on opportunities, not doomsday scenarios: how can this situation cause positive changes that we and the world need anyway? This keeps us out of a hopeless victim mentality, which is bad for our health.

The basic principle here is that for you to be a positive example and support to others, you need to double down on practices of self-care so that you can uplift people who are going to be experiencing fear, anxiety, and scarcity.