Sunday, March 22, 2020

BREATHE DEEP | Opportunities at Home

As we practice social distancing, all of us who remain healthy can help ourselves and others by taking a moment to breathe deep and appreciate the love and joy we share, if remotely. Toward that end, we’re scheduling posts that uplift, guide, and unite us in these difficult times.

This comes from Stephen Dinan at The Shift Network:

"Start looking for the opportunities of what you can do at home, which helps so you don’t feel bored and anxious:
  1. Take up a hobby you have long wanted to do, or projects around the house
  2. Gardening has the benefit of providing fresh vegetables for the family and creating more local resilience the deeper into this we get.
  3. Have you long wanted to write a book? Start a blog? A podcast? This will be a good time to express your creativity.
  4. Take your cooking abilities to the next level.
  5. Take more online courses. Work on a virtual degree.
  6. Think of ways to monetize your skills, like coaching others on Zoom or Skype. Get entrepreneurial as there will be new opportunities to serve needs in a way that generates money for your family as well.
  7. Learn new computer programs and skills, from video editing to website design.
  8. Create a book club online with friends and do a video call every week to share what you’re reading. Create a reading list that will grow you in the months ahead — and you’ll actually have time to do it.
  9. Get recommendations from all the friends you trust for the “hidden gem” movies that you might have missed.
  10. Take time in retreat if your commitments allow.
  11. Have deeper, longer conversations with people you have let drop away in your life. Renew your social connections virtually."