Monday, February 27, 2017


Last week was seriously spectacular. This was the first congressional recess of the year, and in town hall meetings across the country, you not only made a stand, you made a difference. In Florida, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz agreed with a constituent that Donald Trump should release his tax returns. In Alabama, Republican Rep. Mo Brooks acknowledged that the pressure Members of Congress (MoCs) received at town halls could stop them from repealing Obamacare. And we like to think that constituent pressure had a little something to do with Rep. Darrell Issa’s call for an investigation into Trump’s ties with RussiaAll over the country, your work is changing the national conversation.

Just because recess is over doesn’t mean that we’re quieting down

With Congress back in session this week, it’s time to get back to basics: phone calls and office visits. Let your MoC know that even when you’re not face-to-face with them (or their cardboard cut-out version), you’ve still got a lot to say. Here’s what you can talk to your MoC’s office about this week:
  • A vote on Trump’s corruption. On Tuesday morning, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on a resolution requiring Attorney General Jeff Sessions to release documents related to corruption by Trump or his cronies, including ties to foreign governments. This is not a partisan issue; it’s about the integrity of the Oval Office and of our democracy. Yet, only 67 MoCs have co-sponsoredCall your MoC and ask them to co-sponsor H.Res. 111—see this script.
  • Responding to Trump’s Address to Congress. On Tuesday night, Donald Trump will give his first major address to Congress, and some MoCs are making it clear that he doesn’t represent Americans by inviting refugees, Dreamers, and others harmed by this administration’s policies as their guests at the address. Ask your MoC to join this effort, or thank them if they’re already participating, with this script.
  • Opposing Trump’s cabinet nominations. Trump’s still is trying to nominate members of his Cabinet (and you helped slow down that process!). This week, check out our scripts for these two nominees—they’re as disastrous as ever:
  • Keep up the pressure on the ACA, Trump’s taxes, and Russia—the big stuff. You’ve been telling your MoC this all along, but make sure they know you’re not about to let it go:
    • Defend healthcare. House Republicans are beginning work on their replacement plan—and it’s a messTell your MoC to oppose ACA repeal.
    • Demand Trump’s tax returns. Donald Trump still refuses to release his tax returns, even as suspicions mount about possible conflicts of interest and ties to Russia. Demand that your MoC sign on to Rep. Bill Pascrell’s letter that would instruct Congress to exercise its legal authority to obtain Trump’s returns.  
    • Investigate Michael Flynn's communications with Russia. Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Advisor doesn’t make this any less essential. Ask your MoCs to fully investigate how deep the Russian influence on Trump administration officials goes.

Stand indivisible with immigrants

Here at the Indivisible Guide team, we mostly focus on how you can influence your MoCs’ decision-making, and we believe deeply in the power of that strategy for fighting back against every piece of the Trump agenda. But in light of the horrifying wave of attacks from this administration on immigrant families and communities, we feel that it’s important to ask for an additional commitment: please consider how to take action at the local level to fight back against raids, detention, and deportation. We’ve put together a short guide on steps you can take to stand indivisible with immigrants in your community. We hope you’ll bring the incredible inventiveness and dedication you’ve demonstrated this past week to this urgent challenge.

Thank you, but remember to pace yourself

Last week was amazing on many fronts. We hit over 10,000 contributions from you and our fellow Indivisible friends. This support is what’s allowing us to help you build this beautiful movement.
But we’ve said it before and after this massive week of incredible action, we’ll say it again: this is a marathon, not a sprint. Your energy will be needed in the months ahead, so make sure that you’re taking time to reflect and recharge so that you can be in this for the long haul. Change doesn’t always happen quickly, but with all of us standing indivisible together, it will happen, and we will win.
In solidarity,
The Indivisible Guide team
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