Thursday, February 23, 2017

ACTION: Sign Declaration 17

ACTION: Sign your name to Declaration 17, newly launched as of this minute.

Former ACLU Director Norman Siegel is behind this effort. From the website:

"Declaration 17 is an open alliance of private individuals who have joined in opposition, challenge and resistance to the policies and practices of President Trump.
Our goal is to rekindle public commitment to the founding documents that first articulated America’s core values.
If you share our faith in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the core American values we hold to be self-evident, please add your name and stand with us in opposition.
In the coming weeks, we hope to hold local public readings around the country, to show our neighbors and the world how these founding documents differ from the policies and practices of President Trump and his administration.
We want the people to have hope—not despair. We want the people to remember that throughout our history, when America’s values have been threatened from without or within, we have prevailed in upholding those core values—and we will prevail again.
Please add your name. Become a signer, share the Declaration and watch for updates about new ways to get involved."