Friday, February 17, 2017

ASTORIA | Feb. 20 Protest and More!

Hello Astoria members!

First off--THANK YOU for all of your patience to this point!  We have been hard at work #Resisting and hope you have as well.  The Astoria co-organizers met last night to continue our discussion of things to come, and we've got some good news!



What better way to celebrate Presidents' Day than by standing up against the administration of our current one?  

A fair amount of people have the day off in observance of the holiday, so if you're one of those that do--or even if you just want to use your lunch break to speak out--please join us on the corner of Commercial and 8th Street in Downtown Astoria (the same corner as the U.S. post office).  We're asking participants to bring signs, attitude, and enthusiasm to this important intersection to wave at passersby and engage with each other and the public about why we don't support what our current president is doing or his plans to hurt the futures of generations to come.

WHEN: Monday, February 20th from Noon to 2 PM.
WHERE: The corner of Commercial & 8th Street in Downtown Astoria (next to the post office).
WHAT TO BRING:  Signs of protest against the current administration, hope, or encouragement to keep going and to continue resisting.  Be ready to be both loud and friendly.  Encourage cars to honk in support and feel free to engage passersby with our message and what they can do to help.

IMPORTANT: We are notifying the Astoria Police Department of this event, but we ask a few things of participants:

1.  BE SAFE:  Do not block cross-walks, intersections, and leave sidewalks accessible to pedestrians.
2.  BE POSITIVE:  Be nice to each other, drivers, and pedestrians. Ignore hecklers. Do not engage!
3.  MAKE FRIENDS:  Please--talk to as many people as you can.  Network, exchange ideas, and feel free to engage with Indivisible co-organizers about any ideas you have.


Please attend the kick-off meeting for the Astoria chapter of Indivisible North Coast!  Fort George has GENEROUSLY offered the use of the Lovell Showroom for our kick-off event.  The agenda for this meeting is still being finalized, but will include further organization of our member base for various tasks and ACTION items.  We will cover items addressed by the Indivisible Guide, such as interacting with members of congress (MoCs), writing campaigns, focused advocacy groups for specific issues, skill utilization, and the announcement of plans for upcoming meetings.  We'd also like to give YOU an opportunity to interact with co-organizers and other freedom fighters about what you would like to see from the group in terms of action items and broader advocacy.  

Please come prepared to interact with others, offer ideas, and to let us know what skills you might be willing to use to help advance the cause (research, calling campaigns, letter campaigns, letters-to-the-editor, advertising, etc.).

WHEN:  Saturday, March 4th @ 1:30 PM-3:30 PM (roughly)
WHERE: Fort George Lovell Showroom (1483 Duane St, Astoria, OR 97103)

SPREAD THE WORD!  We plan on notifying media outlets, as well as local and state leaders and lawmakers about this event.  The more engagement we have from our members, the more effective and successful this event will be in mobilizing the city of Astoria to create a better future in the face of the greatest challenges of our time.  A separate email will be going out within the next week to try to get a rough headcount for this event so that Fort George will know what to expect.


Local organizer and advocate Pamela McDonald has booked space at Clastop Community College to use President Trump's favorite catchphrase against him--"You're fired!"  Come and go as you please to this open house event to mingle with like-minded individuals and write a postcard to the Trump-in-Chief about his current job performance.  Postcards and postage will be available,as well as the invaluable opportunity to meet other progressives and tell the president how you REALLY feel.  

WHEN:  Wednesday, March 8th @ 6 PM-8 PM
WHERE: Clatsop Community College, Columbia Hall 219 (1651 Lexington Ave., Astoria, OR 97103)

This and more to come--but please, please mark your calendars and come to as many of these events as you comfortably can.  To be successful in our efforts, we need to operate in solidarity.  Coming out and being active in your community is the first step!

Finally--please remember that you can reach out to the Astoria team at any time by emailing us directly at

The Astoria Indivisible Team