Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Laurie Caplan | 46 Ways to Deal with 45

1. Protest.       2. Volunteer.             3. Donate.
4. Nurture yourself.    5. Read.       6. Reach out.            
7. Write.         8. Listen                     9. Stay vigilant.        
10. Organize.   11. Resist.               12. Persist.                
13. Pace Yourself    14. Vote.         15. Practice compassion.
16. Run for office.    17. Support candidates running for office.
18. Help someone.  19. “We were made for these times.”
20. Subscribe to support an independent, uncensored press.
21. Remember and protect your pre-Trump ideals.
22. Connect with like-minded people.
23. Contact your members of Congress regularly.
24. Raoul Wallenberg, Rosa Parks, Julia de Burgos.
25. Remind yourself that others have resisted injustice.
26. Don’t rehash old fights.
27. Take a conscious break from social media.
28. Break out of your comfort zone and try new things.
29. Wake up your inner activist.
30. Brainstorm with others for solutions to local issues.
31. Erin Brockovich, Dalton Trumbo, Frederick Douglass.
32. Attend City Council and County Commissioner meetings.
33. Make a conscious decision about when & where to get news.
34. Make art, music, jokes, a birdhouse, cookies, a garden.
35. Make time to be frivolous.
36. Register others to vote. Clatsop County votes May, 2017.
37. Use your personal power to empower others.
38. Susan B. Anthony, Dolores Huerta, Diane Nash.
39. Communicate. Educate. Eradicate hate. Meditate.
40. Read the Bill of Rights.
41. Check out resources for managing anxiety & depression.
42. Write a letter to the editor:
43. Harry Wu, Margaret Sanger, Noor Inayat Khan.
44. Share with others what helps you.
45. Bring the values you believe in to the light.
46. “There is important work to do; we are just the ones to do it.”