Thursday, February 2, 2017



Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO) sprang to life tonight at our kick-off gathering. People came from Manzanita, along the coast, into East County, and across the river! An experienced audience-counter counted 150 of us. We WILL defend our democracy from authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption while we support the rule of law, integrity, and transparency.


Just as exciting was to seeing us in action. We scheduled our meeting based on misinformation, and it was about 10 minutes from the end of our meeting when we learned we had to leave. Dozens of people immediately pitched in to clean up, take down our signs and papers on the walls, collect extra handouts, etc., etc - and we did it! Here was a surprise that could've become a problem, but our INCO community resolved it smoothly and pleasantly. Think of what else we'll be able to accomplish with this kind of spirit and cooperation!


We'll be getting in touch with everyone very soon about the Community Groups and Task Teams you signed up for. People can sign up through our INCO blog:
In the meantime, don't wait for us! Act now. Here are some examples of what you can do:
1. Send a postcard to one or all three of your Members of Congress (MoC) from Oregon: Representative Bonamici, Senator Wyden, and Senator Merkley. You can write a Thank You postcard or ask your MoC to take a specific action about a specific issue. Write about only one issue per card.
2. Think about potential candidates for the 120 local positions on the Clatsop County ballot in May, 2017. For more info about finding and campaigning for progressive candidates, attend the next meeting of the Clatsop County Democrats, on Monday, February 13, at 5:45, at Towler 310 at Clatsop Community College.
3. Read the down-to-earth Indivisible Guide, available at Former congressional staffers reveal the best ways to make Congress listen. This is INCO's guide, too.