Thursday, October 22, 2020

Action: We Deserve A President Who Cares For All Of Us




When someone shows you who they are, believe them.   


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris show they care for all of us.  Joe and Kamala 

  • Will improve our healthcare 

  • Believe in science 

  • Will reduce student load debt 

  • Have a plan to tackle COVID 

  • Have an economic recovery plan that includes green jobs 


Trump and his GOP only care about themselves and their rich donors.  Trump and his GOP 

  • Kidnap children from their parents – whose only “crime” is moving for a better life 

  • Take funding away from newborns and COVID patients in blue cities   

  • Install illegitimate Supreme Court justices to take away our healthcare, voting rights, abortion rights 

  • Refuse to pass COVID relief, letting the virus run rampant, putting all of us at risk 


We deserve a President who cares for all of us – no matter our skin color, zip code, or bank balance.  

Call Congress and Get Out The Vote for that future NOW. 

1. Call the Senate.

Script Oregon Senators

Script for Republican Senators

2. Call the House.

Script for Suzanne Bonamici (OR-01)

Script for Greg Walden (OR-02)

Script for Earl Blumenauer (OR-03)

Script for Peter DeFazio (OR-04)

Script for Kurt Schrader (OR-05)

3. Save Our Democracy.

Only 13 days before November 3! Get involved with Indivisible Oregon:

  • Elections Power Hour weekly strategy call Mondays at 5pm

  • Lots of phonebanks and trainings to Arizona and Georgia (our adopted states) led by Indivisible Oregon or recommended by us

  • Call eligible voters of color with Reclaim Our Vote.  Sundays 3-5pm

  • Already received training and ready to make calls on your own? Want some community and camaraderie? Find a phonebank lounge on the IO events page!


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s plans: 

Can’t find kidnapped children’s parents: 

Trump looks to cut funds for COVID and newborns: 

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee threatens our freedoms: 

McConnell warns against passing COVID relief before Election Day: