Friday, October 16, 2020

Action: We Cannot Let Dark Money Further Pervert Judicial Selection




Trump, our most lawless President, has appointed 24% of active federal judiciary. He’s now ramming through a 6th Federalist Society Supreme Court Justice.  Nearly 90% of appellate judges and both Supreme Court justices belong to Federalist Society, whose operations are funded by anonymous billionaires seeking to roll back post-New Deal reforms. 

Amy Barrett’s confirmation hearings are the latest battleground in a five-decade-long war by Charles Koch and his allies to dismantle federal regulatory institutions that protect citizens from untrammeled corporate freedom and government programs that benefit health and well-being of all Americans.  

Federalist Society and its right-wing allies spent millions in undisclosed corporate funding successfully promoting Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and accused sexual predator Kavanaugh—all Federalist Society members—using campaign contributions to GOP Senators to secure confirmations. They also generate lawsuits and fund amicus briefs aimed at overturning judicially what they couldn’t legislatively. The result so far, as Senator Whitehouse exposed—80 5-4 decisions where 5 Federalist Society judges gave GOP and wealthy donors anti-regulation, anti-union, anti-environment, anti-fair-election decisions. Barrett’s confirmation would hasten this trend. 

We must prevent her confirmation and vote out both Trump and GOP Senators who serve their corporate masters, not their constituents who desperately need COVID relief. 

1. Call the Senate.

Script Oregon Senators

Script for Republican Senators

2. Call the House.

Script for Suzanne Bonamici (OR-01)

Script for Greg Walden (OR-02)

Script for Earl Blumenauer (OR-03)

Script for Peter DeFazio (OR-04)

Script for Kurt Schrader (OR-05)

3. Save Our Democracy.