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The big orange chair at INCO's Global Climate Strike Rally, September 20, 2019
Thursday, July 27  •  4-6 pm

Big orange chair on Hwy 101 and Broadway, Seaside
BYOS - Bring your own sign if you can

State Senator Suzanne Weber holds office hours Thursday in Seaside. At the same time, we'll be holding her accountable for walking out of the Oregon State Senate for 6 weeks!
She betrayed her oath of office and her constituents. 
This rally is hosted by INCO and Clatsop Democrats.
Want to keep up with Trump's legal woes? Joyce Vance's newsletter tackles his very bad week in the July 14 issue: 
• Trump's stolen government documents stashed at Mar-a-Lago
• The Special Counsel’s January 6 Investigation
•  Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 Georgia presidential vote

"Here’s what Trump’s argument about that process comes down to: he objects to any prosecutor, anywhere, being able to investigate him and, if it’s determined he violated the law, charge him. In other words, Trump’s argument is that he’s above the law."
-- Joyce Vance, 
Civil Discourse, July 14, 2023
Want to make sure good people win elections? Want to help all voters vote? Be inspired by this comment from a Substack reader. Your actions could make the difference! 

"I was also surprised at the lack of awareness about the importance of upcoming elections until I began to understand some of the "why". Our Louisville (KY) Democrats Volunteers were knocking doors last summer to register voters in a large apartment complex in an area of town that probably rarely sees a candidate and houses folks on the lower end of the economic scale.

"What I came to realize was that most of these people are the "working poor" with two and three jobs who are scrambling day to day just to make it. I doubt if many get a newspaper and most probably don't have time to scroll through online news. However, I will say, most were very polite, listened to the information we provided on early voting and some of the big issues (KY was voting on an amendment to our state constitution that would have outlawed abortion...we defeated it !) and we registered a fair number of new voters!

"On the last door I knocked that day I was able to check the website and register a voter who had previously been unable to vote due to a prior felony conviction! To see his face, to see some dignity restored, and to see a sense that he felt like he mattered/his vote mattered...gave me a deeper insight in to the complicating factors of why we see such abysmal turn out rates during elections.

"I will add, that when election time came, we received multiple calls from folks at that complex who were taking us up on our volunteer "Ride to the Polls" effort. It takes work to make a difference in these outcomes and we can all join in the effort."


"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."
-- Richard Feynman, American theoretical physicist

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INCO Weekly Newsletter    July 17, 2023
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