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5-24-21 Newsletter


INCO's new rainbow In Our America flag is decorating Laurie's couch, but we'll display it at rallies and other in-person events once it is safe to do so.
Please contact Oregon legislative leaders to get meaningful campaign finance reform passed with HB 3343. The legislature seems more inclined to vote for another bill, HB 2680, which has major loopholes that would weaken any reform. Key talking points and contact information are below.

COIN, Honest Elections Oregon, Common Cause, OSPIRG and many other citizen advocacy groups support passage of  HB3343. They urge everyone to immediately ask your legislators and the leaders to support HB 3343 and reject HB 2680.

Please continue to press State Representative Suzanne Weber and State Senator Betsy Johnson to support HB3343. People studying these bills tell us, "We demand real, meaningful campaign contribution limits be enacted this session that severely curtail the influence of big donors, and favor the lower limits and simpler structure of HB 3343."  

78% of voters approved Measure 107, indicating how strong the support for reform is. Thanks to INCO activist David Delk for his leadership in the statewide effort to enact reform. 

•  Check out 
this information about proposed campaign finance reform bills. 
•  Three key goals of meaningful campaign finance reform are:
  1. reduce the influence of big donors and special interests in our decision-making processes;
  2. build public trust in our democratic process; and 
  3. increase the participation and influence of regular Oregonians, especially those from marginalized communities.
•  Exploitable loopholes in HB 2680 bill would allow big donors and special interests to continue to engage in the electoral process in much the same way they have in the past simply by routing their money through corporations and committees.  

•  HB 2680 loophole:  Any union or corporation can contribute $50,000 (or multiples of $50,000) of paid staff time to any candidate committee. There is no limit on the number of staff members that the "person" (union or corporation) can provide to the candidate's campaign. Even worse, the bill's language does not provide a timeframe for the $50,000 limit: Is it per year, per election, or per something else?

•  HB 2680 also compromises campaign contribution transparency, because the corporation would be contributing in its own name, and there is no Oregon law requiring it to disclose its sources of funds.

Senate Leadership
President Courtney
Pres. Pro Tem. Manning
Dem. Leader Wagner
Rep. Leader Girod
House Leadership
Speaker Kotek
Speaker Pro Tem. Holvey 
Dem. Leader Smith Warner
Rep. Leader Drazen

Clatsop County's legislators
State Senator Betsy Johnson: 503-986-1716
State Representative Suzanne Weber: 503-986-1432
More contact information is here.
Contact US Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden to thank them for supporting and co-sponsoring S.1, the For The People Act. Our calls and emails prove that their constituents support this vital legislation - something they can tell their GOP colleagues. We must prevent more Republican-sponsored anti-democracy voter suppression bills in states around the country. Per Indivisible, "either we pass the For the People Act before August recess, or we don't get another shot during this Congress. In other words we've got about two months to pass democracy-saving legislation before it's too late."

Contact State Representative Suzanne Weber and urge her to co-sponsor and vote for SJM 5. This is a bipartisan resolution endorsing a proposed climate change bill in Congress, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA). This resolution is part of a nationwide effort to show support from state legislatures and their constituents for the EICDA. 

State Representative Weber: 503-986-1432
Senator Merkley: 202-224-3753
Senator Wyden: 202-224-5244
contact information is here.
Climate. Gun safety. Housing. Indivisible volunteers analyzed 57 bills in the current Oregon legislative session that could affect our daily lives. Find out their current status with this link.  Now is the time to contact Senator Betsy Johnson and Representative Suzanne Weber to tell them what you want. Contact info is here.
It's fun writing postcards to voters! Cathey, Sharon, Laura, Bebe, and Kathleen enjoyed good company and a great reason to gather on May 18, 2018.

You can write to voters, too!
 Special elections and issue campaigns need you year-round. You can sign up to write to voters at, or sign up at Vote Forward for general Get Out the Vote campaigns. For more information, contact
Tuesday, June 8 - INCO South County Community Group Zoom meeting, 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Please RSVP to thru Monday, June 7 for your Zoom link.

Saturday,  June 19 - INCO North County Community Group Zoom meeting, 11 a.m - noon. Contact to get the Zoom link.

The INCO Write to Voters group meets via Zoom on Fridays, 3-4 pm. Join us for informal chat and writing to voters in special elections and for ballot issues. Pets and children are welcome. Contact to get the Zoom invitation from Bebe. 

WRITE TO VOTERS: Special elections and issue campaigns need you year-round. You can sign up to write to voters at or for general Get Out the Vote campaigns, sign up at Vote Forward.
"We live like gods! But very forgetful gods. Very amnesiac and babyish gods. The question is, How do we make ourselves alert again in the face of all this opulence and richness?"
-- Richard Powers, author, 2014
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INCO Weekly Newsletter  May 24, 2021