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5-3-21 Newsletter



Voters will help decide policy, plans, and budgets for schools, the college, the Port of Astoria, and other districts when we elect board members in the county's May 18 Regular District election. Thanks to the Clatsop County Democrats and its Campaigns and Elections Committee for compiling this information on their web site. It includes:  

  • 15 video interviews with candidates across the county
  • The newly-released Voter Pamphlet 
  • Links to the candidate's filing paperwork 
  • The timeline of crucial dates in the election cycle.  

INCO isn't affiliated with the Clatsop Democrats, though we share many values and goals.

Yes, it's election time, and these local positions matter. If you don't receive your voter information booklet and ballot by May 6 or if you have questions about your ballot, contact the county elections office, 503-325-8605.
Only About 14% of Texas Democrats voted in their ranked-choice primary election to replace a US Representative. Because of this low turnout, the 2 finalists are Republicans; the 3 Democratic candidates were eliminated. Read more here about the weak Democratic turnout and its impact on our democracy. As Robert Hubbell says, we are "slouching toward authoritarianism."
Climate Justice and Oregon's Money
Q&A with Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read

Did you know that Oregon’s State Treasury has billions of dollars invested in fossil fuels? And over $100 million of that is currently invested in coal? State Treasurer Read can move funds out of companies that are part of the fossil fuel industry, deforestation, and in violation of human rights.

Wednesday, May 5  •  7-8 pm
Register here to get your link. 
350PDX hosts this event, and COIN is a co-sponsor

You can ask the Treasurer to vote and invest as a climate champion. 

Every year rural and small town organizers come together for a Rural Organizing Project (ROP) special event. It's the Rural Caucus & Strategy Session, which organizers say is "a day to share incredible organizing from across the state, reflect on our last year and make plans for our rural human dignity movement in the year ahead."

ROP suggests groups send a team of 3-5 people. Register with your friends, or if you'd like to be part of an INCO team, contact

Reach out to Monica Pearson (former INCO leader) at to get a printable registration form or with your questions! 

You can find a detailed agenda here.
Register here to join ROP for the 2021 Virtual Caucus and Strategy Session!
The attempted coup. January 6, 2021, four months ago.
"Lets us recognize the Republican Party for what it is, a party of authoritarian capitalism. They wish to limited the right to vote, attack the free press, push draconian restrictions on the right to assemble and protest, and promote white supremacy. For Republicans the Bill of Rights is too democratic."
-- Jerry Harris, Readers Comment, New York Times, 4-28-21

The “Stop the Steal” movement of the 2020 campaign has seeped into the marrow of the Republican Party. Two candidates (husband-and-wife) at the local school board in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania are “Stop the Steal” promoters. See Lancaster News Online, “Candidates push false claims - Lancaster LNP. Per the Lancaster News, the husband-and-wife team is also pushing to ban the teaching of “Romeo and Juliet,” and “To Kill a Mockingbird,” because they include “vulgarity, sexuality and violence.”
- - Robert Hubbell, 
Today's Edition Newsletter, 4-26-2021

"These are small lies added to the larger foundation of falsehoods upon which the right-wing movement now rests. Far too many Republicans believe that Trump won the election (78 percent) and that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is innocent (46 percent). Far too few Republicans believe that global warming will pose a serious threat in our lifetimes (only 11 percent)."
-- Max Boot, 
Washington Post, April 28, 2021
"...nearly seven out of every 10 Oregonians believe democracy has weakened across the United States over the past four years. Residents describe a slightly more fortified state of affairs closer to home, with roughly six out of 10 statewide saying democracy in Oregon has diminished over the last four years."
- Oregon Capital Insider, April 28, 2021
CORRECTION: Tuesday, May 11 - INCO South County Community Group Zoom meeting, 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Please RSVP to thru Monday, May 10 for your Zoom link.

Saturday,  May 22 - INCO North County Community Group Zoom meeting, 11 a.m - noon. Contact to get the Zoom link.

EVERY FRIDAY: The INCO Write to Voters group invites you to a Zoom open house for informal chat and writing to voters in special elections and for ballot issues every Friday from 3-4 pm. Pets and children are welcome. Contact to get the Zoom invitation from Bebe. 

WRITE TO VOTERS: Special elections and issue campaigns need you year-round. You can sign up to write to voters at or for general Get Out the Vote campaigns, sign up at Vote Forward.
“The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare
as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.”
--  Montesquieu, 
French philosopher, 1748
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INCO Weekly Newsletter  May 3, 2021