Monday, June 10, 2019

INCO Weekly Newsletter 6/10

As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, we are grateful for the victory over fascism in Europe in World War 2. Let our devotion to democracy and social justice unite us to work together to make our country better. Each of us has an essential role to play.

 - Deb and Laurie, INCO co-chairs
INCO joins a national weekend of local actions by hosting Wake Up, Congress! #ImpeachTrump
Trump's abuses of our communities and country demand action from Congress, which has the responsibility and authority to hold Trump accountable. The next crucial step is an inquiry into whether to draft articles of impeachment.
Join us on the Astoria Riverwalk, north of the Barbey Maritime Center, at 4 pm on Friday, June 14, to learn more about the impeachment process and why we applaud US Representative Suzanne Bonamici’s call for an impeachment inquiry. We’ll have free buttons and pre-stamped postcards addressed to Speaker Pelosi. Bring signs if you’d like to make a public statement.
Afterwards, you can thank Congresswoman Bonamici at the public reception preceding the Oceans and Climate panel she’s hosting at the Barbey Maritime Center, 5 – 6 pm.  
This is a family-friendly, nonviolent public gathering to demonstrate that impeachment is the will of the people. The Riverwalk is a public space; please respect that the Barbey Center and the Maritime Museum parking are private property. Allow time to park elsewhere and stand safely away from the trolley tracks. 
Support the ban on check-out plastic bags
Monday, June 10, 2019, 7 pm, 989 Broadway, Seaside
The Seaside City Council has drafted an ordinance to ban on single use plastic bags, and it will be on the agenda at the city council meeting tonight. Please plan to attend and support a ban on plastic bags! We’d like to have as many people there as possible so bring your family, friends, and neighbors!  Let us know if you’d like to speak in support of the ban!
It's common sense that all drivers should know how to drive safely and follow the rules, regardless of their citizenship status. INCO supports HB 2015 to allow all Oregon residents to apply for their driver's license. Scroll down here for more information.
Welcome to the new INCO Indivisibles! 
We were delighted to meet and hear from enthusiastic supporters at Saturday's Astoria Pride Parade and Block Party. Great fun walking with INCO and everyone else at the parade! Thanks to the stellar crew who set up, hosted, and closed our INCO table: Becky, Carmen, Carolyn, David, Del, Heather, Jen, Karen, Laurie, Pat, Steve, Sue, Tom, and Juanita.
What Oregon issues do you care about? Tell Betsy and Tiffiny today.
State Senator Betsy Johnson -- 503-986-1716
State Representative Tiffiny Mitchell -- ‭(503) 986-1432‬

•  Here is a report from Honest Elections Oregon about the status of current campaign finance reform bills in  the legislature.
•  National Popular Vote (NPV) passed the Oregon legislature on June 5. 

•  SB 90 - ban on plastic straws:  The Senate approved the House version, and this bill will go to the governor for signature! It’s not as strong as it should be. Consumers can request a plastic straw, and plastic  straws can be sold in bulk and a convenience store can leave plastic straws unattended and thus available if there is no room to store otherwise. 

 Find updates about important Oregon legislation on INCO's website here.
Tell your Members of Congress: It's Time to Impeach.
Trump has committed impeachable offenses. Congress must hold him accountable. Our Representatives must sign onto the impeachment inquiry resolution and educate the public on why an inquiry is needed. Our Senators must publicly and across social media support an impeachment inquiry. 
Senator Merkley's DC office: 202-224-3753. Senator Wyden's DC office: 202-224-5244
Congresswoman Bonamici's DC office: 202-225-0855
Join other Oregon Indivisibles and call your MoCs on Tuesday. Contact info is here.
Impeachment starts in the House with investigation and impeachment hearings; if the House votes to impeach, then the Senate is like the jury and can vote to remove the President from office, or not. Impeachment does not require criminal behavior. The US Constitution allows for impeaching the president and his officials, including the Attorney General. Tell Congresswoman Bonamici what you want: 202-225-0855; email via

Indivisible national and Indivisible Oregon support Congress opening impeachment hearings. Congressional Democrats continue to investigate even as they work on other kitchen-table issues. 
Details on our events page.
Everyone is welcome to all these events.

Monday, June 10 - INCO speaks at Seaside City Council,  7 pm, 989 Broadway. INCO's Seaside/Gearhart Community Group has been working to pass the plastic bag ban. Please plan to attend to show your support! We want to fill the room with supporters!

Tuesday, June 11 - Seaside-Gearhart Community Group monthly meeting, 6:30-8pm.  Email for address.

Friday, June 14 - Wake Up, Congress! #Impeach Trump, 4 pm, the Riverwalk at 18th, by the Barbey Center, Astoria. See top of newsletter.

y, June 15 -  Warrenton Community Group meeting11:30NEW LOCATION:  El Compadre Restaurant, 119 South Main, across the street from the Warrenton post office

Monday, June 17 -  Action Day: Driver's Licenses for All, 5:30 - 7 pm, 1373 Duane, Astoria. Learn about HB 2015, and send postcards to our legislators. See poster above.

Wednesday, June 19 - Vote the Future (VTF) monthly meeting,  6:30 pm, Seaside Library Board Room
"A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and silence go together."
 — Margaret Atwood
  How will your Members of Congress know what you want if you don't tell them?

•  Contact ONLY elected officials who represent you so you don't dilute the power of actual constituents.
•  It's more effective to contact your MoC about one issue at a time. 
•  Be sure to tell your MoC when you agree with their positions and votes.

Contact YOUR elected officials here.  For current action items, visit and
Get active with INCO's Advocacy Team, Vote the Future Team, and Community Groups. 

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Deb Vanasse and Laurie Caplan, INCO Co-chairs
INCO Weekly Newsletter   June 10, 2019