Saturday, February 17, 2018

Clean NPV Bill is Moving

We have some truly amazing news: a clean NPV bill will be moving this week or next and Courtney will allow the vote on it. REPEAT: Courtney will allow a vote on a clean NPV bill. Shocking, yes, but we are pretty confident this information is correct as it comes from Kate Titus via Michael Dembrow who is working on amending the bill. He thinks it could come to Senate Rules as early at this Thursday (the 22nd) or the following Tuesday the 27th. So, time is short, and we need all NPV supporters on this. Here's what we we need from you all:
1. Call and email your senators. We know Courtney will vote no and we know he will likely take some Ds with him, so this is crucial. Ask them if they are planning to vote yes on a clean NPV bill and let them know that you think they should. Here's a  sample you can use as you'd like:
Dear Senator __________________: 
I heard that Peter Courtney is going to allow a vote on a clean NPV bill (no referral) this session. Do you plan to vote yes on this bill? I hope so. It is time Oregon joins the NPV compact in the way the Constitution allows: via state legislatures. NPV was first introduced in Oregon in 2009, and although it has always had strong support, it has always died in the Senate. It's time to change that. NPV is good for our nation and for Oregon. Please support one person, one vote. Please support the clean NPV bill.
2. Please report back on responses, especially anyone who says they are not supporting the bill. In particular, we are concerned about the following D senators:

  • Manning
  • Hass
  • Frederick 
  • Monroe
  • Betsy Johnson 

  • 3. If your senator is an R, please also reach out, especially to Hansell, Winters and Thompson.
    4. Spread the word to others. This is a crucial period--we have a real chance here and we need to bring in more supporters than we have ever had before. We'll be posting something on Facebook soon. Please share that post and try to get others to reach out about this.
    5. For those of you connected to any county Democrat group (Multnomah, Marion, Washington, Clatsop, etc.), please share this widely with leadership and PCPs and ask them to call and email. If you are a PCP, make sure you make that known when you reach out.
    6.If there is anyone who is able to travel to Salem in the next week to meet with their senators, let us know. If there are enough people who can do this, we can try to organize a lobby day.
    The fact that Courtney is allowing a vote on a clean bill is truly extraordinary. There are probably many reasons for this, but I think we have to acknowledge that the voices of the grassroots supporters--your voices--has to be one of those reasons. The outpouring of support last year and at the recent hearing mattered, and what happens from this point until that senate vote matters. Let's make this happen!