Wednesday, January 25, 2017

TAKE ACTION on alarming developments

Alarming developments yesterday and today: Your tax dollars at work, building a wall. An announcement forthcoming that visas of people from Syria and six Muslim countries will be suspended. Gagging of environmental agencies (Source: The Guardian US briefing…/series/guardian-us-briefing)

Contact your Members of Congress NOW. Tell them that We the People need their help in standing against these actions. Democratic Members of Congress have been publicly stating that they welcome this pressure from their constituents. They want us to stay fired up.

On a positive note, scientists are mobilizing. You can sign up here: Be ready to discuss whether this should be our next march.

  1. Forward this URL/information to like-minded friends and encourage them to take action. 
  2. Share on social media among your friends, but be prepared with a pat response to trolls and haters who aim to distract and detract. #TheResistance #Indivisible.