Monday, January 23, 2017

On Saturday, we marched, and the world took notice. We’re a grassroots movement, and we won’t be stopped.

Today we march forward together with a commitment to action:
1.      Wherever you’re involved in civic-minded organizations that embrace the call to activism, keep at it! In the days ahead, much will be required of us. Now more than ever, we support the good work of all.
2.      Save the date for the kickoff meeting of Indivisible North Coast Oregon: Wednesday, Feb. 1, 5 – 6:30 pm at the Blue Scorcher in Astoria. A two-week young movement with over 3,000 groups nationwide, Indivisible promotes grassroots activism to resist an agenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.
3.      Download and read the Indivisible Guide in preparation for the kickoff meeting.
4.      Program contact details for your Members of Congress into your phone or note them in your address book.

THIS WEEK’S CALL TO ACTION: Instead of acknowledging the powerful messaging of the Jan. 21 Women’s Marches, Trump and his press secretary Sean Spicer turned their attentions to berating the media. Seize this opportunity to affirm the importance of honest journalism and reject attempts from the White House to create their own versions of truth.

ACTION: Write letters, sent via email or snail mail (or both), declaring your opposition to Trump’s berating of journalists and your support of honest journalism. If you can afford it, subscribe to a newspaper that you support, and let them know why you’re subscribing.

Potential recipients:
1.      Letters to the editor
2.      Media outlets and individual journalists whose work you support – basically, wherever you get your news. Express your gratitude and encouragement.
3.      The White House (Trump, Sean Spicer, etc.)
Talking points:
1.      You oppose Trump’s berating of the media and his attempts to manipulate facts and distort truth.
2.      You support the good work of journalists who seek facts and refuse to be intimidated.
3.      You are part of a movement represented by the worldwide Women’s Marches, and you won’t be silenced.
1.      Send this URL to like-minded friends and encourage them to take action. Even better, include a copy of one of your letters as an example.

2.      Share on social media among your friends, but be prepared with a pat response to trolls and haters who aim to distract and detract.