Monday, June 19, 2023

6-19-23 Newsletter


Tuesday, June 20 at 7 pm, via Zoom
Now that Oregon's GOP senators have returned to work and made a quorum, the senate can vote on numerous bills that had been ignored for weeks during the walk-out. 

It appears that a number of bills are being modified so as to bring the Republicans back to work. Regardless of the outcome, join COIN at its Tuesday, June 20 meeting to discuss the future of reproductive freedom and also gun safety legislation which may also be compromised by this "deal". 

Register here for the June 20 Zoom meeting and other COIN meetings this year.  

•  Who won the walkout? The Oregonian provides helpful perspective in this editorial.
Other states besides Oregon are being attacked by their Republican leaders. For instance, Ohio has a special election on August 8, 2023, in which Republicans will try to make it harder for citizens of Ohio to enshrine the right to reproductive liberty in the Ohio constitution. Thanks to Robert Hubbell's Today's Edition newsletter for this information.

You can help defeat this measure:

Dems = growth, Rs = recession 
Joe Biden is the third consecutive Democratic President who has brought strong growth, lower deficits and American progress. The last three Republican Presidents all brought recession, higher deficits, American decline.
Sources - Bureau of Labor Statistics and 
With Democrats Things Get Better
State Senator Suzanne Weber finally returned to work on Friday, June 16, after the Republican 6-week walkout. If you don't want Weber and other anti-democracy elected leaders in office, please start looking for candidates to run in our next local and state elections, consider running for office yourself, or plan to help good candidates win. The next state senate election is in 2026. 

"Better to trust the man who is frequently in error than the one who is never in doubt."
--Eric Sevareid

Indivisible defends democracy by opposing authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption.
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