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12-20-2021 Newsletter


It's stormy weather for democracy. The sustained assaults on our democracy and the moral injury that comes with them add to the difficulty of staying safe during this pandemic.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so please take care of yourselves and do what you have to right now to function in your lives.

Let's celebrate winter holidays with gratitude for what we have and for what we can do to make America better.
Best wishes for your holidays,
INCO Leadership Team
Betsy Johnson is leaving the state senate to run for governor as a candidate unaffiliated with any political party. The process to fill the vacancy is set by Oregon state law. Because she was registered as a Democrat while in office, her replacement must be a Democrat. Local leaders encourage applicants to connect with their county's Democratic Party chair and its PCPs. INCO can provide more information about applying; contact
You might remember Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) as the eloquent lead manager of Trump’s second impeachment trial. This article highlights what keeps him moving forward amid political and personal challenges.

"'And remember: the political scientists tell us that the sign of a successful coup is a recent unsuccessful coup, an event where they can diagram and analyze their previous mistakes so they can correct them the next time around.'”
-- Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD), December, 2021

The Protecting Our Democracy Act Passes in the House

          "After the disappointing news about the Supreme Court, let’s look at signs of progress. Rep. Adam Schiff is leading the effort to pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act. The Act contains a host of reforms that will prevent the abuses of power we witnessed in the prior administration. The Act will provide oversight of the pardon process and prohibit self-pardons, extend the statute of limitations on presidential crimes, make the president subject to suit for violation of the emoluments clause, restrict the ability of the president to withhold funds appropriated by Congress, protect the independence of the Attorney General from presidential interference and much more!

          "The House passed the Protecting Our Democracy Act last week on a party-line vote. Sigh. Since the Act will restrain the power of presidents from both parties, why would any Republican oppose the Act? In any event, on to the Senate!

          "Adam Schiff was a rock that many of us clung to during the harrowing events surrounding the first impeachment. He continues to fight for us every day. Many Americans are likewise blessed with hardworking congressional representatives. Let them know that you support the Protect Our Democracy Act. And if they deserve your gratitude for continuing the fight during these difficult times, be sure to tell them “Thanks.”"
-- Robert Hubbell, Today's Edition, December 13, 2021

Contact info for your Members of Congress is here.

report in the Washington Post identifies the ongoing efforts to break down American democracy. 

"Five sets of actions fuel this corrosion:
1)  limiting participation in elections;
2)  controlling election administration; 
3)  legitimizing and mobilizing social support for methods to obstruct or overturn an election;
4)  using political violence to further that end;
5)  and politicizing the regular military or National Guard to delegitimize election outcomes."

Check out the 
authors's rating of 1 to 3 alarm bells for each of 18 steps, "which indicates how big a threat we believe it poses to our democracy now." Read the entire article here.

If you're worried about all the misinformation out there, connect with Indivisible's Truth Brigade to change the narrative. "Our positive, relationship-building tactics open minds, one-by-one. It’s harder to see when the right wing machine is so loud, but trust is built personally, not by mass media."

Help share the truth about inflation, vaccines, reproductive rights, and other important issues. Find out more about the exciting and effective Truth Brigade campaigns 
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INCO Weekly Newsletter   December 20, 2021