Monday, March 8, 2021

3-8-21 Newsletter


It's been a year since we learned that much INCO activism would have to be done virtually. Despite the pandemic and other challenges, we defeated the previous administration and continue to advocate for progressive ideas, policies, and candidates. We're glad we can work with you to to support our democracy and keep our country thriving.

Stay safe, stay engaged.
INCO Leadership Team
"America currently has a population of about 331 million people. By the end of 2020, more than 83 million Americans were having trouble meeting bills or buying food, and by January 2021, 30 to 40 million Americans were at risk of eviction because they could not make their rent payments. . . .  The change in the direction of government signaled by this bill could not be more dramatic.'
-- Heather Cox Richardson, historian, March 6, 2021
column is here.
If you believe in accountable and responsive government, please consider running for office. Dozens of positions are open throughout Clatsop County in the May 18 election. Our school boards and other special districts need progressives and other pro-democracy leaders guiding them. Encourage others to run who you'd want serving in office. 
Here's the official list of positions on the ballot.  
Candidates can file for office through March 18 for the May 18 election.
Check out the Clatsop County Elections website for more information.
•  You're invited to attend The Clatsop Campaign School. It aims to train progressive candidates on how to run for office, as well as training campaign managers and treasurers (we need these too!) It starts soon, so contact for details.  
•  More info about running for office is at Run For Something.
 Will you be one of the pro-democracy candidates our communities need? 
If you don't run, who will?
INCO volunteers, working with the eight teams in the COIN Legislation Watch, are busy reviewing proposed legislation in Salem. Each team has been tracking bills they hope will be voted out of their respective committees and approved by the House and Senate.  

This week we focus on the team covering Campaign Finance and Election Reform. Among the bills they are researching are proposals limiting campaign financing, expanding the time period for voter registration, and requiring ballots postmarked on election day to be included in the official tallies.

A topic generating the most excitement is rank choice voting (RCV), sometimes called “instant-runoff”. RCV has several advantages over the current “winner-take-all” system we currently use in Oregon. Since opponents will be quick to promote misinformation about RCV, you may find it useful to read this or watch this.  

Stay tuned each week as we focus on more legislative proposals. We will soon be asking you to write letters and call our legislators to support or oppose specific bills! 
If you wrote letters or postcards for the November 2020 election you might be wondering, are we done yet?  The short answer is no — we write on!

Did you know that SPECIAL ELECTIONS are taking place RIGHT NOW, throughout the year and all around the country? No need to wait until the 2022 midterm elections to help Democrats get elected everywhere and at every level of government. Every postcard you write makes a difference to elect people who share our values.   

Check out to get started writing postcards today.  INCO has postcards and stamps for you if needed; just contact Laurie at  

It’s fun to write with other INCO postcarders. Join our Friday Write-To-Voters Group Zoom every Friday at 3pm.  Contact for the zoom link.

Tuesday, March 9 - INCO South County Community Group Zoom meeting, 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Please RSVP to thru Monday, February 8 for your Zoom link.

Saturday,  March 20 - INCO North County Community Group Zoom meeting, 11 a.m - noon. Contact to get the Zoom link.

EVERY FRIDAY: The INCO Write to Voters group invites you to a Zoom open house for informal chat and writing to voters in special elections and for ballot issues every Friday from 3-4 pm. Pets and children welcome. Contact to get the Zoom invitation from Bebe. 
“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know
how soon it will be too late.” 
—Ralph Waldo Emerson
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INCO Weekly Newsletter   March 8, 2021