Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Action: Election Season





Today is the last day to vote. It's the last day to Get Out The Vote. Tonight we nurture ourselves; tomorrow we face the remainder of Election Season. 

We will work to ensure every ballot is counted and the will of the voters respected by Trump and his enablers in the Senate, state legislatures, and SCOTUS.

Today we call on our Members of Congress to commit to Counting Every Ballot. We call on ourselves to work to get out the vote until the polls close. Then we need to find what soothes us and get through a long night of election returns, with pundits attempting to create a narrative long before all votes are counted.

Our vote and our voices will be heard. But we will not be finished with the work of maintaining our democracy -- not today or even after every ballot is counted. COVID-19, financial collapse, racist policies and actions, climate catastrophe, and the impact of Trump's GOP's desperate attempts to save their minority rule will not evaporate. We will insist our Democratic leaders address these issues with progressive policies that benefit us all. We and the leaders we deserve will continue to protect our democracy.

1. Call the Senate.

Script Oregon Senators

Script for Republican Senators

2. Call the House.

Script for Suzanne Bonamici (OR-01)

Script for Greg Walden (OR-02)

Script for Earl Blumenauer (OR-03)

Script for Peter DeFazio (OR-04)

Script for Kurt Schrader (OR-05)

3. Save Our Democracy. It's Election Day!

Get involved with Indivisible Oregon:

  • There are still phonebanks  to Arizona and Georgia (our adopted states) led by the campaigns.

  • Call eligible voters of color with Reclaim Our Vote. 


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