Thursday, July 23, 2020

July 20, 2020
Dear Senators Wyden and Merkley, Congresswoman Bonamici, Governor Brown, and Attorney General Rosenblum,
The events of the last several days in Portland further demonstrate the Trump administration’s embrace of authoritarianism. This aggressive federal campaign to detain protesters and suppress protests violates the Constitution. These federal policing actions in Portland are political theater designed to serve the re-election campaign, not the rule of law.
Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO), a grassroots group based in Clatsop County, applauds your work to stop this abuse of power and to hold Trump, Attorney General Barr, and other federal employees accountable. Our mission is to defend democracy by opposing authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption. We condemn Trump’s use of federal law, policy, and power to further his own personal and ideological agenda.
We believe the Wyden-Merkley amendment to the NDAA and Oregon’s lawsuit against the DHS and other federal agencies are essential first steps to preserving American democracy. We hope you and your colleagues throughout the United States will continue to work to stop these obscene and illegal actions. America must reject government storm troopers.
As historian Timothy Snyder writes in ON TYRANNY, “Institutions do not protect themselves. They fall one after the other unless each is defended from the beginning.” We cannot allow Trump and his administration to endanger political opponents and make political opposition impossible.
Thank you for your work to protect all of us and to defend the US Constitution.
Sincerely, Laurie Caplan, Chair 766 Lexington Avenue Astoria, OR 97103