Wednesday, January 23, 2019


A longtime resident of Clatsop County, Ruben Perez was picked up by an unmarked ICE vehicle. The vehicle Ruben was riding in was not given a citation, in direct violation of the Sanctuary laws of our State. 
There are actions in the works in regard to getting him released but in the meantime his family continues to suffer financially. Ruben was the breadwinner for the family and soon bills will be due again. There is a GoFundMe page for anyone that wants to contribute money to help his family. A legal defense fundraiser will soon be launched as well. If you would like to contribute funds to the family, here is the link.

There is also a Vigil this Friday, Jan. 25, on the Riverwalk near the Astoria Maritime Museum at 5pm if you would like to donate money in cash. Lower Columbia Diversity Coalition will also be holding a Potluck fundraiser on Sunday at 2pm at Clatsop Community College, Room 219.