Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Advocacy | Now More Than Ever

So incredibly proud of everyone who worked to #StormTheMidterms. All OR ballot measures swung as we recommended. Our own Tiffiny Mitchell will be an amazing representative for HD 32. In WA-3, a race that should have been a shoe-in for the Republican incumbent, it's still too close to call - and in Pacific County, where we canvassed hard, the incumbent is ahead by only 80 votes.

We all wish last night would have put a definitive end to Trumpism, but we also knew it wouldn't be that easy. Sadly, the lies and fearmongering and racial animus strike a chord with far too many who've tied their identities to the culture wars. It's up to us to stand firm for our values and oppose authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption.

Our advocacy work continues, starting tonight, with the inaugural gathering of INCO's Advocacy Team, 6:30 pm, Seaside Library Board Room. We'd love for you to join us.

By far the most effective means of engagement is person to person. Check our events page for gatherings in your community. If you don't see the option you're looking for, ask! We've got a Women's March and an INCO Summit to organize (Jan. 19). We've got 2020 looming. We've got Trumpism to counter in all its ugly iterations. We need you now more than ever.