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An Astoria woman told me the other day that "Indivisible is a cult." This and other lies drive the Republican and MAGA campaign to elect Trump and other right-wingers to Congress, state legislatures, and local governments.   

The GOP is hoping we'll give up while they continue to suppress votes, attack our elections, and attack liberal and progressive programs and values.

We must defeat them. 

Please do whatever you can to defend our democracy and protect our freedoms. Volunteer with local and national campaigns, contact your elected representatives, donate, write to voters, etc. 

As my son says, "This is not a time to sell securities, buy gold, move to Canada, gloat about victory, or wallow in despair. There is important work to do; we all are just the ones to do it."

Laurie Caplan
INCO co-founder and INCO leadership team
Channel your hope for election victories into writing to voters from home.  Sign up for the campaigns you want and write postcards when and where you want.

These groups have campaigns available that do not give tight deadlines for getting postcards done. Contact INCO at with questions or if you'd like INCO's postcards and stamps.
INCO urges you to read this and other information about Project 2025. Project 2025's threat to our freedoms and way of life is very real, especially if Biden loses the November election. Donald Trump and MAGA's major backers and funders sponsor Project 2025, proudly displayed online and endorsed by Trump. INCO has bolded some parts below.
"“Project 2025” is a plan to execute what amounts to a comprehensive authoritarian takeover of American government.
"Broadly speaking, it envisions a vast expansion of presidential power over the executive branch. Moreover, “Project 2025” seeks to dismantle certain parts of government, the administrative state, and federal agencies – while simultaneously mobilizing and weaponizing others. And finally, “Project 2025” is a promise to purge from government anyone who is not all in on the Trumpist project and replace them with loyalists and ideological conformists.

".... But in general, “Project 2025” is evidence that the American Right has concrete plans and a detailed strategy of how to take over and transform American government into a machine that serves only two purposes: autocratic revenge against the “woke” enemy, and the imposition of a reactionary vision for society against the will of the majority.

".... But beyond just dismantling the state, “Project 2025” also seeks to mobilize and weaponize government in a far-reaching effort to punish and purge “woke” enemies and impose a reactionary white Christian patriarchal order on American society. Public health, for instance, is seen purely as a tool to uphold a traditionalist, conservative Christian understanding of gender, family, and motherhood. Labor Policy? A tool to create more room to legally discriminate in the workplace.  “Project 2025” openly demands, for example, that the president “Rescind regulations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, transgender status, and sex characteristics.

".... In a very real sense, that’s what’s on the ballot in November. The election isn’t really about Biden vs. Trump; it’s a referendum on whether the effort to finally realize the promise of a truly democratic, pluralistic, multiracial society should be continued or abolished altogether. Those are the stakes.

-- Highlights from The Big Picture interview withThomas Zimmer, who is a historian at Georgetown University focusing on the recent history of American democracy and the anti-democratic impulses of the American right. He explores the topic at length in his Democracy Americana Substack where he has raised the alarm about Project 2025, and co-hosts the Is This Democracy podcast.

* Trump endorses the GOP's Project 2025 , as do the right-wing funders and promoters of this plan for an American dictatorship. Among their goals: Destroy independent news coverage, stack the courts, arrest dissenters, establish concentration camps, obstruct voting and fair elections, weaponize the Justice Department to engage in revenge politics; and prohibit contraception, marriage equality, and other health and sexuality measures.

Another Substack newsletter about Project 2025 is How to Tell Your Friends About Project 2025. Basic Q&As show that many Americans are already suffering under Republican-led laws from Project 2025.
"I really enjoy working on them and listening to some good conversations at the postcard table. I feel like I am helping in a small, but valuable, way."
--  Sandra, INCO postcarder
TUESDAYS, 3 - 4:30 pm - WineKraft, at the east end of Pier 11 Mall, 77 11th Street, Astoria 
No purchase necessary  

WEDNESDAYS, 3 - 4:30 pm - Geneia's home in Seaside. Contact geneiajam60@gmail.comfor details.
INCO provides postcards, scripts, pens, stamps, and Wite-Out.
"We were born into the opportunity to be aware, to care,
and to create meaning in action."
 --David Lee Myers
Indivisible defends democracy by opposing authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption.
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INCO Weekly Newsletter  June 10, 2024
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