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State Senator Suzanne Weber and State Representative Cyrus Javadi
How will they know what you want if you don't tell them?
Donating to INCO and to local candidates helps strengthen democracy in Clatsop County. Your donation now helps campaigns develop effective outreach to voters and other necessary resources. INCO encourages you to do what you can to support INCO, and Tessa Scheller and Logan Laity. Thank you!

INCO endorses Tessa Scheller for County Commissioner, District 2
Tessa's opponent is Anthony Huacuja, a registered nurse who serves on the Warrenton-Hammond School District budget committee and opposes the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).
Learn more about Tessa on Facebook.
Donate to her campaign 
online here, or mail a check to:
Tessa for D2
PO Box 211
Astoria, OR 97103 

INCO endorses Logan Laity for State Representative, District 32
Logan's opponent is incumbent MAGA follower Cyrus Javadi, who backs legislation to ban abortion in Oregon.
Learn more about Logan here.
Donate online here, or mail a check to:     
Logan for Community                                                            

PO Box 161
Tillamook, OR 97141
$500 x 2 = $1000 = 1886 POSTCARD STAMPS
Donate to INCO now, and your donation will be matched by Indivisible up to $500! That could mean $1000 for supplies to write voters and to support campaigns and other activities. Postcard stamps now cost 53¢ each, and INCO writers will write hundreds of cards this year, perhaps even 1886! Please support INCO's mission to Get Out the Vote and defend democracy in this pivotal year. 
Donate ONLY through this form or the INCO website to double the impact of your donation! 

We've already reached 10% of our goal!
Register for this Zoom event and submit your questions here.  
TUESDAYS  •  3 - 4:30 pm
WineKraft, 77 11th Street, Astoria
On the RiverWalk, just inside the east end of the building, up the ramp on your left
No purchase necessary.

INCO provides postcards, pens, stamps, and Wite-Out.
We'll help you get started if you're new to writing voters.

Last week we wrote more postcards to voters supporting Ruben Gallego for Senator from Arizona. The Arizona race is one of a handful of contests that will determine control of the Senate.

You can help INCO buy more stamps for our postcards to voters. Please donate 
here, and Indivisible national will match your donation. Thank you!


"Indifference is a choice. Cynicism is a choice. “Just doing my job” is a choice.

"Democracy is a choice.

"Defending democracy is a duty that appears unbidden when Americans least expect it. Every generation before ours has discharged that duty honorably. Ours cannot be the one to falter."
-- Robert Hubbell, Today's Edition, April 2, 2024

Among other actions, DNWSG weekly counters GOP lies with accurate information. 
"“The Nation is witnessing the determined delegitimization of both its Federal and State judiciaries and the systematic dismantling of its system of justice and Rule of Law by a single man — the former President of the United States,” retired judge J. Michael Luttig said on X concerning Trump’s threats and insults directed at the courts. “Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the entire nation to protect its courts and judges, its Constitution, its Rule of Law, and America’s Democracy from vicious attack, threat, undermine, and deliberate delegitimization at the hands of anyone so determined.” In other words, judges must clamp down on unacceptable conduct, and it is the voters’ responsibility to not to hand him a get-out-of-jail-free card by electing him to office."
-- Jennifer Rubin, 
The Washington Post, April 3, 2024

"A) Life, maan . . .
B) . . . life.
A) It is so crazy—let me tell you: if you saw it in a movie, you would not believe it. You know why? BECAUSE IT HAS NO PLOT."
-- David Mamet, American playwright

Sign listing towns in Maine. Photo by Peter Ralston.
Indivisible defends democracy by opposing authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption.
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INCO Weekly Newsletter   April 8, 2024
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