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3-25-24 Newsletter


Tuesday, March 26 * 4:30 - 5:30 
311 SW 1st Street, Kelso, WA - Cowlitz County Courthouse

Monday, March 25 at 6 pm, via Zoom

The guest speakers this month are James Manning, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, and Tessa Scheller, candidate for Clatsop County Commissioner.  

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Hear from candidates Maxine Dexter, Susheela Jayapal, and Eddy Morales. To register for the 2024 COINversations and submit questions in advance, use this link
TUESDAYS  •  3 - 4:30 pm
WineKraft, 77 11th Street, Astoria
On the RiverWalk, just inside the east end of the building, up the ramp on your left
No purchase necessary.

INCO provides postcards, pens, stamps, and Wite-Out.
We'll help you get started if you're new to writing voters.

Last week INCO folks wrote postcards to Arizona voters supporting Ruben Gallego's run for US Senate and to Oregonians about the record of US Representative Lori Chavez DeRemer (OR-5) as she runs for re-election.  Despite claiming to be a "moderate," she supports MAGA and extreme right-wing legislation at least 95% of the time. Her Democratic opponent will be chosen in May's primary election.
To the Editor:
My humble suggestion to those exhausted from their efforts in opposing Donald Trump and now possibly even apathetic: Please remember Gen. George Washington and his suffering troops during the Revolutionary War, the suffragists and the civil rights movement. Thank heavens none of these ordinary Americans gave in to what must have been their own deep mental, physical and financial exhaustion, first to win independence and then to keep expanding our democracy.

Given recent events, please think, too, of Aleksei Navalny and his determination to keep pressing for a democratic Russia through those long years of psychological and physical torture, only to end with his murder.

Donald Trump has made this our own moment to step forward to work to save our own democracy. We can’t let down all those who came before us who created the rights we enjoy today by letting Mr. Trump have his way in destroying our values and our society.

Mary C. Helf
Flourtown, Pa.
-- Letters to the Editor, New York Times, February 22, 2024

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed three election bills into law. The laws make it easier to register to vote, help prevent delays in statewide election certification and allow counties to pilot new programs for signature verification. Meanwhile, Republican governors and state legislators continue to support and pass measures to restrict voting, disqualify voters, and ensure gerrymandering.
"Trump’s performance in the Republican primaries so far has been abysmal.  In three of the primaries, 40 percent of the voters in his own party didn’t vote for him.  In the fourth, about 30 percent didn’t want him.  Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, and significant numbers of Republican voters have rejected him every chance they’ve gotten.  This can’t be emphasized enough.  Those were Republican votes he didn’t get. 

“….That means Donald Trump is beatable.  It won’t be easy, it will be closer than it should be, but he is not going to get as large a number of the popular vote as he got last time. 

“…. We know there are more of us than there are of them.  What we’ve got to do is turn out and vote.”
— Lucian K. Truscott Newsletter, February 29, 2024 
"Trump is broke. He is weaker than before. He’s flailing. That makes him more dangerous to our democracy, not less. We keep saying it, over and over: When Trump and MAGA tell you what they are going to do, believe them."
-- The Lincoln Project, March 20, 2024

"Yesterday the far-right Republican Study Committee (RSC), which includes about two thirds of all House Republicans, released a 2025 budget plan to stand against Biden’s 2025 budget wish list. The RSC plan calls for dramatic cuts to business regulation, Social Security, Medicaid, and so on, and dismisses Biden’s plan for higher taxes on the wealthy, calling instead for more than $5 trillion in tax cuts. It calls the provision of the Inflation Reduction Act that permits the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies over prices “socialist price controls.” 

"Biden responded to the RSC budget, saying: “'My budget represents a different future. One where the days of trickle-down economics are over and the wealthy and biggest corporations no longer get all the breaks. A future where we restore the right to choose and protect other freedoms, not take them away. A future where the middle class finally has a fair shot, and we protect Social Security so the working people who built this country can retire with dignity. I see a future for all Americans and I will never stop fighting for that future.'

"....Just as it was in the 1850s, the right-wing emphasis on religion and opposition to a modern multicultural America today is deeply entwined with preserving an economic power structure that has benefited a small minority. That emphasis is growing stronger in the face of the administration’s effort to restore a level economic playing field."

-- More about the GOP agenda for Trump's second term from Heather Cox Richardson,
Letters from an American, March 21, 2024


"Nine-tenths of wisdom consists in being wise in time."
--Theodore Roosevelt

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