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2-5-24 Newsletter


INCO Indivisibles met with Senator Wyden after his January 2, 2020 town hall in Astoria. 
Sunday, February 11 at 12 noon
Columbia River Maritime Museum
1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103

For everyone’s security, backpacks and large bags will not be allowed in the town hall. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Free admission to the museum for the town hall.

Senator Wyden is a passionate advocate for our civil liberties, including protecting Americans from domestic surveillance by the federal government. He is currently working on legislation that would prevent companies from using algorithms to collude to set higher prices. More info about him is at his website.

Unlike many US Senators, both he and Senator Jeff Merkley hold at least one town hall in every Oregon county every year. We encourage you to attend and be ready to ask Senator Wyden a question.
INCO postcarders can choose from several great postcarding projects for writing to voters encouraging them to vote. Research shows colorful, hand-written postcards increase turnout! Yea!

A prolific INCO postcarder recommends this project focused on communities of color:

As always, INCO recommends the original postcard program, Postcards to Voters.

If you need help getting started, buying stamps or postcards, or have other questions, please contact We're delighted to have many enthusiastic INCO postcarders, and we encourage you to join in this satisfying activity!
What is ON TYRANNY? You've read about the book's TWENTY LESSONS FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY in national media and in the INCO newsletter. Now you can have your own copy, courtesy of a generous INCO donor. We have a copy for the first person who contacts  INCO will mail, deliver, or arrange for pick up of this excellent book by historian Timothy Snyder.


Please tell American citizens who live in other countries they can vote this year. The 6.5 million voting-age US citizens living or studying abroad can vote—but they must request their overseas ballots every calendar year. 

 Visit and fill out the forms to receive overseas ballots. Vote From Abroad also offers one-on-one live help via Zoom if needed.


"It may not feel like it now, but remember the vast scope of history. MAGA may fill our lenses, but in the grand scheme of things they’re dust—just one of countless variations on evil, stupidity, and greed that’ve flecked the human timeline since, well, forever.

"For now, though, let’s bear the trials they bring as worthily as we can. They want to drag us backward. But, undeterred, we can and must march steadily in the opposite direction. Towards progress. Towards inclusivity. Towards greater unity.

"Towards a future we—not they—choose."
-- Jessica Craven, 
Chop Wood, Carry Water; January 31, 2024

“For all its marvelous creativity, the human imagination often fails when turned to the future…. When Donald Trump is the subject, imagination falters further. Trump operates so far outside the normal bounds of human behavior — never mind normal political behavior — that it is difficult to accept what he may actually do, even when he declares his intentions openly.”  
-- David Frum, 
The Atlantic, January-February, 2024

"In dictatorships the beginning may seem easy,
but tragedy awaits inescapably at the end."

-- Giorgos Seferis, Greek diplomat and author

Indivisible defends democracy by opposing authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption.
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INCO Weekly Newsletter   February 5, 2024
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