Monday, October 25, 2021

10-25-2021 Newsletter


Clatsop County Commissioners make major decisions about land use, public health and safety, development, roads, and much more. Sometimes one commissioner makes the difference in long-term policies and consequences. 

Clatsop County urges all residents to take
 this survey about drawing new county commissioner districts, required due to the 2020 census. Under the charter, district boundaries must not only contain roughly equal population, but must also be “of contiguous territory and as compact as possible.”

What issues and values matter most to you? Check out the map, and take the survey. The 
survey deadline is November 5. More information about county redistricting is here. Tracie Krevanko, Clatsop County Clerk,  will present proposed new district maps to the County Commissioners at their December 8 meeting.
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"The threats to American democracy are real, but it is a mistake to underestimate the scale, heft, and momentum of a democracy in which hundreds of millions of people want to co-exist in peace, freedom, and safety. Yes, we should worry about the threats we face, but we should simultaneously recognize the strength and stability of America. That strength and stability isn’t in your newsfeed. It’s out there—in the real world. Look for it and you will see it everywhere around you."
-- Robert Hubbell, Today's Edition, October 22, 2021
".... The GOP’s anti-vax, anti-democracy, anti-science, anti-education, anti-immigrant, undying-loyalty to a coup-plotter platform is unattractive to the majority of independents. Voter suppression is real and will disenfranchise some voters. But we are not powerless. We control our fate. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."
-- Robert Hubbell,
 Today's Edition, October 20, 2021


• 4-210 City of Cannon Beach
• 4-212 Knappa School District #4

Details on these measures can be found here:

CLARIFICATION:  State Senator Betsy Johnson is running for governor as an independent (small ‘i’), unaffiliated candidate, not as a member of the Independent Party.
Tillamook Democracy Project provide opportunities for activists in Tillamook County to promote progressive values and democracy. Its new Action Plan outlines ambitious pro-democracy activities, including writing letters to voters through Vote Forward and participating with Consolidated Network of Indivisible Oregon (COIN). TDP will partner with the Tillamook Democrats with TDP's Campaign School 2.0, focusing on city council, mayor, and school board elections. For more information, contact Bev Stein at
Tuesday, November 9 - INCO South County Community Group Zoom meeting, 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Please RSVP to thru Monday, November 8 for your Zoom link.

Saturday, November 13 - INCO North County Community Group Zoom meeting, 11am - noon. If you are new to this group, contact by November 12 to get the Zoom link. 

EVERY FRIDAY - INCO Write to Voters Virtual Group, 3 - 4 pm. Via Zoom. If you are new to this group, contact to get the Zoom link. More details about writing to voters are below. Join us for informal conversation, venting, and solving the world's problems. Pets welcome. Please note: No Write Voters Group on November 5.

Write To Voters - The numbers show that your letters to voters increased vote turnout significantly. Special elections and issue campaigns need you year-round. INCO encourages you to sign up to write to voters at For general Get Out the Vote campaigns, sign up at Vote Forward. For supplies or information, contact

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure
that just ain’t so.” 
― Richard H. Thaler, 
Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics

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INCO Weekly Newsletter   October 25, 2021