1.  Check for daily Indivisible Action items. You can find them on our blog, on our Facebook page, and in a daily email from Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO).

2.  Contact your Members of Congress (MoC) with a phone call or postcard about that Action item. MoCs pay attention when they hear from a lot of people about the same issue at the same time. Oregon’s MoCs are Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden and Representative Suzanne Bonamici. Here’s guidance for your calls. Here’s the contact information.

3.  Contact your MoC at least once a week.

1.  Get active with your Community Group to help plan projects and events to defend democracy. Encourage like-minded friends to Resist and Persist with you. To get connected with your Community Group, contact INCO at 

2.  Don't wait for a meeting to take action. Host an informal postcard-writing party. Register people to vote. Bring a guest to the next Indivisible event. Write a Letter to the Editor about Indivisible and/or an issue you care about. Campaign for candidates who support your values and policy preferences. Run for office. Develop your own project about an issue you care about. Attend Town Halls and other meetings with your electeds at all levels of government.

3.  Connect with local groups whose work fits with INCO’s principles. INCO wants to work with those groups to make everyone's voices more effective. For example, INCO is co-hosting the ACLU event in Astoria on May 18.