GOAL: Stop the Trump agenda by opposing authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption
  1. Empower and encourage pressure on Members of Congress (MoCs) to stop the Trump agenda
    1. Promote regional town halls with MoCs; provide agree/disagree signs
    2. Post action items online (Facebook, blog) and in INCO newsletter
  2. Publicly resist the Trump agenda of authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption
    1. Host rallies
    2. Host events as recommended by the Events Team
    3. Participate in parades and other events
    4. Encourage members to write Letters to the Editor
    5. Provide member-written columns for Hipfish to publish monthly
    6. Maintain a public blog of resources and action items
  3. Sustain the resistance
    1. Monthly leadership team meetings
    2. Monitor and support INCO (FB) group
    3. Email weekly newsletters to members
    4. Encourage and support one another through Community Groups, book club, action teams, and INCO Happy Hour
  4. Work to change the balance of power in Congress during the 2018 Midterm elections
    1. Get out the vote (GOTV) for progressive MoCs in Oregon
    2. Encourage Community Groups to partner with Swing Left, Sister District, postcardstovoter.org or similar organizations to help elect progressive MoCs in swing districts such as WA-3
GOAL: Defend democracy
  1. Organize voter registration drives, including National Voter Registration Day
  2. Maintain INCO Vote the Future Facebook page
  3. Encourage civic engagement and member involvement in campaigns and elections
  4. Encourage progressive candidates to run for office
  5. Promote informed voting
    1. Campaign for voter information booklets for all Clatsop County elections
    2. For May elections, generate and distribute candidate “scorecards” using member-generated questions
    3. Partner to host candidate forums
  6. Get out the vote (see also item 4, Stop the Trump agenda)
    1. Train Community Groups in GOTV strategies
    2. Local GOTV for May and November elections
  7. Display symbols of democracy
    1. INCO buttons
    2. Lady Liberty
  8. Pursue projects recommended by INCO’s Vote the Future team
GOAL: Model and promote progressive values of inclusion, fairness, education, fact-based policies, respect, and the common good
  1. Expand our demographic reach
  2. Continue to distribute “In Our America” signs and bumper stickers
  3. Host/co-host events that increase awareness and encourage discussion of progressive values
  4. Support efforts to reframe the dialogue (Linai Vaz and Framing Team)
  5. Pursue projects recommended by INCO’s Oppose Bigotry team

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