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3-21-2022 Newsletter


“It is a serious thing
 to be alive
 in this fresh morning
 in this broken world.”
-- Mary Oliver
A woman wrapped in the Ukrainian flag protests in front of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, March 7, 2022. (AP photo/Phil Nijhus)
"Because Ukrainians are resisting, not just on the battlefield but as a society, they console us all.  Every day they act is one when we can reflect, and hope. People do have values. The world is not empty.  People do find courage. There are things worth taking risks for. “ 
— Timothy Snyder, historian, March 14, 2022, on
On paper, Russia, China, and other authoritarian regimes can look invincible. New York Times columnist David Brooks presents the basics of why autocracies fail. Read his full column here. Here are highlights:

•  The wisdom of many is better than the wisdom of megalomaniacs....
•  People want their biggest life....
•  Organization man turns into gangster man....
•  Ethnonationalism self-inebriates....
•  Government against the people is a recipe for decline....

"To me, the lesson is that even when we’re confronting so-far successful autocracies like China, we should learn to be patient and trust our liberal democratic system. When we are confronting imperial aggressors like Putin, we should trust the ways we are responding now."
Serving as a county commissioner since 2018, Pam Wev is the lone progressive on the board. She has worked hard to keep our county thriving. Though it's meant to be a part-time volunteer job, Pam has worked tirelessly to represent county residents locally and at countless state and regional meetings. INCO believes Pam is an effective public servant, and we are delighted to endorse her for re-election. 

If you'd like to display a yard sign to re-elect Pam, sign up 
here. Donate or volunteer at her website.

This election is May 17. Final date to register to vote is midnight, Tuesday, April 26.
The Clatsop County Planning Commission and the Countywide Community Advisory Committee will hold a Public joint Zoom meeting Tuesday, March 22, 9:00 to 3:00pm, to discuss a draft of Goal 10, which is Housing, for revision of the County Comprehensive Plan.  Public input thus far has been sparse to non-existent, except as ably provided by the seven or so members of the CCAC.  More public comment is needed on most of the Comp Plan Goal Revisions.  Those interested can attend electronically --

Agendas can be found at:


The City of Astoria hosts a second open house regarding the proposed housing at Heritage Square. It is Thursday, March 24 at the Armory, 1636 Exchange, Thursday, 4:30 – 7:30. This event is not a formal presentation, but an opportunity to discuss the proposal with various people involved in designing it.

"....the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Florida senator Rick Scott, has provided a blueprint for what the Republicans will do if they get a majority in the next election.... Scott promised that the Republicans “will protect, defend, and promote the American Family at all costs....The nuclear family is crucial to civilization, it is God’s design for humanity, and it must be protected and celebrated. To say otherwise is to deny science."

"The plan promises that children will say the Pledge of Allegiance and “learn that America is a great country,” they will not learn critical race theory, and discussion of race will be banned from American society. The country will build former president Trump’s border wall and name it after him.

"To protect the family, the Republican plan calls for destroying the business regulation, social safety net, federal promotion of infrastructure, and protection of civil rights that Americans have embraced since the 1930s and handing power over to the wealthy.... Republicans, the plan says, will dramatically increase taxes on Americans earning less than $100,000, raising $1 trillion over ten years, although since they will also cut the Internal Revenue Service by 50%, the government might be hard pressed to collect those taxes. Since “government should not be doing anything that the private sector can do better and cheaper,” they will make sure all laws expire after five years, ending them with the idea that Congress will simply repass good laws. They would end Social Security (which, by the way, protects children as well as the elderly and disabled), Medicare, Medicaid, and so on. They will sell off all “non-essential” government assets, buildings, and land (are national parks essential?) and cut funding to states “other than disaster relief.” 

"This plan is “easily the most radical document put forward by a member of the leadership of a major political party in modern times,” Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote.

"“Americans deserve to know what we will do,” Scott said in his introduction to the plan."
-- Heather Cox Richardson, historian, 
Letters from an American, March 18, 2022 

Sound unbelievable? Check it out at the GOP website describing their plan.

Many Americans, including Republicans, don't know about the GOP proposal, described above by Heather Cox Richardson. Your LTE will inform voters about GOP intentions.

Letters to the Editor in every issue of the Astorian from now until November can inform voters and promote voting. Write a few sentences or more, up to 250 words. Send to, along with your name, address, and phone.


INCO Warrenton Community Group Zoom meeting. No meeting in March. Contact for more information.

Tuesday, April 12 - INCO South County Community Group Zoom meeting, 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Please RSVP to thru Monday, April 11 for your Zoom link.

Saturday, April 23 - INCO Astoria-North County Community Group Zoom meeting, 11 am - noon. If you are new to this group, contact by March 18 to get the Zoom link.

Every Friday - INCO Write to Voters (WTV), via Zoom, 3-4 pm. Informal chat while we write letters and postcards to voters. If you are new to this event, contact to get the Zoom link. 

Write postcards for Jamie. Be part of a statewide effort to support Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress from Oregon's revamped District 5, by writing voters with her campaign postcards. To get postcards, talking points, stamps, and voter addresses, please contact  

Write To Voters - Elections and issue campaigns need you year-round. INCO encourages you to sign up to write to voters at For general Get Out the Vote letter campaigns, sign up at Vote Forward. For prepped postcards, stamps, or information, contact
"One of the hardest, but most essential rules of politics is that the choice is often not between good and evil, but between not so good and worse."
— Jon Margolis
--Michelle Rial, "Am I Overthinking This?" calendar
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