Congress is doing its job under the Constitution
Abuse of power, as demonstrated by the president soliciting help with his re-election from a foreign leader, is an impeachable offense.
For the president to have withheld appropriated military assistance to Ukraine, a democracy struggling to fend off Russian aggression, creates a national security risk. This is especially bad when his motive is to benefit his re-election campaign.
Regardless of political party, everyone who values freedom and the rule of law should support an impeachment inquiry that holds the president accountable for his actions.


I stand with Tiffiny Mitchell, duly elected representative of the people of House District 32.
Representative Mitchell supports working families:

  • She voted to slow the growth of healthcare costs for working Oregonians, including a law that requires prescription drug companies to give notice of significant price increases. 
  • She voted for measures to curb the influence of Big Money in our elections. 
  • She voted for measures to prevent bad actors from hacking our electronic devices. 
  • She voted to keep payday lenders from charging big fees to hardworking borrowers. 
  • She voted to protect the environment on which loggers, farmers, and fishermen depend.

I applaud Rep. Mitchell’s fortitude and integrity. She is a public servant in the truest sense. She explains the reasons behind her votes. She holds town halls where she addresses constituent concerns.
In word and deed, Rep. Mitchell shows that she values honesty, hard work, justice, and our representative democracy.
The well-financed effort by Rep. Mitchell’s opponents to recall her from office is an abuse of the recall process:

  • The recall process is a way to remove an official due to misconduct. The petitioners allege no misconduct by Rep. Mitchell. They want to remove her from office because they don’t like how she voted on certain issues. 
  • If we recalled every official who cast a vote we didn’t like, our system of representative democracy would break down. In a representative democracy, we rely on elections, not recalls, to remove from office people with whom we disagree.
  • A recall election would cost approximately $50,000 in taxpayer money. If the recall succeeds, voters won't get to choose a new representative - their county commissioners will appoint a Democrat.