GOAL: Defend democracy 
  • Promote informed voting
  • Promote efforts that increase voter participation
  • Support voting rights and fair districting
  • Encourage member involvement in campaigns and elections
  • Support campaign finance reform
  • Support the National Popular Vote effort
  • Advocate for government transparency and accountability

GOAL: Encourage civic engagement that upholds democratic norms and opposes authoritarianism, bigotry, and corruption 
  • Encourage citizen engagement with Members of Congress (MoCs) and state and local representatives
  • Exercise and defend First Amendment rights
  • Coordinate with state and national Indivisible groups to amplify our voice on issues of common interest
  • Encourage sustainable, restorative efforts
  • Prioritize in a way that’s mindful of our goals, resources, and what we do best

GOAL: Model and promote progressive values of inclusion, fairness, education, fact-based policies, respect, and the common good 
  • Increase awareness and encourage discussion of issues and initiatives that reflect our progressive values
  • Frame discussions to emphasize the American values of freedom, opportunity, safety, fairness, and care.
  • Partner with like-minded groups to achieve common goals
  • Expand our demographic reach
  • Encourage progressive candidates to run for office
  • Get out the vote for progressive candidates at the state and federal levels
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